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Vegetable oil extraction method

September 30, 2021

Vegetable oils occupies an important position in the processing of food crops. The world’s oil crops mainly include soybeans, rapeseed, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, castor, cottonseed, etc. In addition, some by-products of food processing are also rich. Contain oil, such as rice bran, corn germ, etc. The following describes the method of extracting fat from these vegetable oils.

At present, the commonly used vegetable oil extraction methods are mainly mechanical squeezing method and solvent extraction method, in addition to water generation method and water enzymatic method.

 Vegetable oil pressing equipment

Vegetable oil extraction method:

1. Mechanical pressing method

The mechanical squeezing method adopts the mechanical oil extraction method to make oil, which plays an important role in the oil production process. According to the type of vegetable oil pressing equipment, it can be divided into three types: soil press, hydraulic press, and screw press.

2. Solvent leaching method

Solvent leaching method for oil production is based on the principle of extraction. An organic solvent that can dissolve grease is selected. The grease in the embryo is extracted through the effects of wetting, permeation, and molecular diffusion, and then the leached mixed oil is separated. The boiling point of the oil is evaporated and gas stripped, so that the solvent is vaporized and the grease is separated, so as to obtain the leached crude oil. The leaching method is a more vegetable oil extraction method than the squeezing method.

3. Water generation method

The water generation method is different from the ordinary squeezing method, leaching method and other vegetable oil extraction methods. The water substitution method is mainly to add hot water to the steamed and ground raw materials, using the principle that oil and water are not compatible, and use water to replace the oil from the oil, so it is called the water substitution method to make oil.

4. Water enzymatic method

Aqueous enzymatic method is an emerging method of extracting vegetable oil, which uses mechanical and enzymatic hydrolysis to release oil. The advantage of the aqua-enzymatic method is that while extracting oil, it can reasonably recover protein from plant raw materials. Compared with traditional vegetable oil extraction methods, the water-enzymatic oil extraction technology has simple equipment and safe operation, not only can speed up the efficiency, but also the obtained crude oil has high quality, light color and easy refining.