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Want to open an edible oil processing plant and don't know what to do?

September 08, 2021

What do I need to know to open an edible oil processing plant? This is the most concerned issue for many customers who are new to the oil industry. Setting up an edible oil processing plant is not a trivial matter. Before proceeding, you must consider your true demands, and then do a series of preparations, such as: formalities, plant site selection, capital investment, supporting processing equipment, and so on. As the saying goes, "everything is done in advance, and if it is not established, it will be abolished." Doing your homework before opening an edible oil processing plant can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. So if you want to set up a factory smoothly and start production and processing as soon as possible, you can start preparations from the following aspects.

 Oil pressing equipment

1. Procedures

To open a formal edible oil processing plant, you must have complete documents. The procedures and documents that you need to go through mainly include: business license, food business license, sanitation license, tax registration, and so on. You can also consult the local industrial and commercial bureau for specific procedures.

2. Plant site selection

The establishment of an edible oil processing plant must have a formal production plant, select the location of the plant according to the specific situation, and build a production plant with a matching scale according to the output requirements. The editor recommends that the location of your plant is best close to the source of raw material supply, which can reduce transportation costs and get a lower purchase price. At the same time, the transportation should be convenient, and it should be close to roads, railways and other transportation facilities.

Oil refining equipment

3. Capital investment

Starting an edible oil processing plant is not a small expense, and a budget must be made in advance in terms of capital investment. The capital investment required in the early stage mainly includes: raw material costs, land rent, house construction costs, labor costs, equipment costs, water and electricity costs, and so on. At the same time, we must also consider the normal operation of later working capital, such as production and marketing, advertising, and investment promotion after the factory is put into use. Only by doing this can we ensure the normal operation of the factory in the later period.

4. Supporting processing equipment

There is no doubt that the most important link is the supporting processing equipment of the edible oil processing plant. According to the daily processing capacity of the factory and the different requirements of refined oil grades, the configuration of processing equipment and the degree of automation are different, and the required equipment is naturally different. You can tell us your specific needs. Zhongxing Grease can be flexibly configured to meet your diverse production needs.

 Filling equipment

It is very important to set up edible oil processing plants, purchase edible oil processing equipment, and choose the correct partner manufacturers. Good edible oil processing equipment is of high quality, superior performance, reasonable price, and timely service. The equipment produced by Zhongxing Grease has been sold to many countries and regions, and is deeply trusted by customers with its excellent equipment and sophisticated service. If you are still worried about how to choose processing equipment, please come to consult!