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Ways to reduce power consumption in refining workshops

September 28, 2021

Under normal circumstances, increasing the processing capacity, allowing the edible oil refining equipment to operate at full capacity, rationally optimizing the process flow, and adopting technology can all have the effect of reducing power consumption.

refining workshops

1. Install motor start protection device and power compensator for power equipment with high power.

2. Reasonable optimization of the process, careful equipment selection, to avoid the phenomenon of "big horse-drawn trolley".

3. Speed ​​up the responsibility and technical level of management personnel, operators and electricians on duty.

4. The distribution transformer should choose ST or SLT type low loss transformer.

5. Avoid equipment overload, light load or no load operation.

6. Electrical equipment and circuit components should be repaired and maintained during overhaul or shutdown.

7. Use frequency modulation stepless variable speed motor. It has been determined that a 600t/d soybean leaching can reduce the power consumption per ton of material in the leaching workshop to about 5kw.

8. Formulate the normal operation index of various electrical equipment, which is closely related to the working load of the equipment. After measurement, the electricity consumption will increase by 30% when the thickness of the rolled billet is reduced from 0.38mm to 0.28mm.

9. The transformer load rate is appropriate. The load rate of the transformer must reach 80%, and the overload and margin must be adjusted to ensure that the power factor is above 0.92.

10 The degree of automation and the scale of production also determine the size of electricity consumption.

11 The voltage drop in the workshop does not exceed the standard. The voltage drop in the workshop is not more than 5%, the three-term unbalance is not more than 20%, the primary line loss is less than 3%, the secondary line loss is less than 5%, and the tertiary line loss is less than 7%. If it does not meet the requirements, it means the components are aging, the cable is too thin or there is electricity running, and the wiring and components need to be replaced.

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