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What are the precautions for purchasing refined oil equipment?

September 03, 2021

Edible oil is closely related to people’s lives, and the health of edible oil has received widespread attention. The problem of low-quality oil in recent years has caused panic among many consumers. Many people are afraid to buy edible oil. In fact, there is no need to panic. Oil equipment manufacturers remind consumers that all the oil produced by regular oil plants must meet the standard requirements before it can be marketed. Do not buy edible oil with unknown origin.


Oil Refining equipment


What is the basis of national standard oil? The domestic requirements for edible oil are very strict. If it does not meet the standards, it is strictly forbidden to be sold on the market. Only when it is refined to the corresponding standards can it enter the market. The oil refining equipment plays a key role, whether it is squeezing oil or leaching oil. Only through effective refining can the national standard be reached. The first grade oil, second grade oil, aromatic oil, etc. that users see on the market are the corresponding edible oil standard grades.

Processing edible oil is a good project. Everyone knows that the key is to make the project formal, meet domestic requirements, and produce green and healthy edible oil. For its own broad development prospects, what Zhongxing's oil equipment manufacturer recommends to users is: Regardless of the size of the project, whether it is for pressing oil or leaching oil, the equipment must be fully purchased and equipped with oil refining equipment to be called a complete oil production line.


Oil Refining equipment


What are the precautions for purchasing refined oil equipment? First of all, it must be strong in terms of technology. Users buy refining equipment to meet the national standard oil level. The equipment cannot meet the demand and will naturally not be ordered. Furthermore, it depends on the main material. The refining equipment is made of carbon steel and stainless steel. From a point of view, the performance of stainless steel refining equipment is better, and the other is the strength of the equipment brand.

On the brand strength of oil refining equipment, the Zhongxing brand can be said to be eye-catching; on technical capabilities, Zhongxing manufacturers have more mature experience in technology; on materials, Zhongxing’s equipment is refined with high-quality stainless steel, which is more attractive and powerful, and can produce first-class standards. Oil can also be refined according to the actual needs of users, which can meet the needs of different users, and is a powerful helper for users to smoothly market and sell edible oil to realize profits.

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