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What are the technological factors that affect the decolorization of tea seed oil refining equipment?

September 07, 2021

The process factors that affect the decolorization of tea seed oil refining equipment include: the nature of the oil, the requirements for decolorization, the type of adsorbent, the amount of adsorbent, the decolorization time, temperature, vacuum, and the degree of stirring.


tea seed oil refining equipment


1. Dosage of white clay

This is related to the type, nature, oil loss and other factors of the white clay. Generally speaking, increasing the amount of adsorbent is conducive to the improvement of the decolorization effect. However, with the increase in the amount, the neutral oil lost by adsorption also increases. For example, the oil absorption of activated clay is as high as 50%, and the activated carbon is even higher, which is 150%. It can be seen that the amount of clay used during decolorization is as small as possible. According to reports, the amount of clay used in the advanced continuous vacuum decolorization process is generally below 15%. Some are as low as 0.2%~0.5% (cottonseed oil and soybean oil). The amount of clay used in the large-scale production of rapeseed oil in my country is generally 1% to 2%.

2. Operating pressure of oil refining equipment

Atmospheric pressure decolorization has been replaced by vacuum decolorization due to many problems such as high temperature and easy oxidation. The purpose of vacuum decolorization is to maximize the removal of air on the surface of the adsorbent and maximize its activity; prevent the oxidation and deterioration of grease; shorten the decolorization time , To ensure that the decolorization is carried out at a higher temperature (100℃~140℃) without the danger of excessive oxidation. The general vacuum degree requires 93.3~96kpa.


tea seed oil refining equipment


3. Decolorization time and temperature

The temperature during decolorization is high and the time to reach adsorption equilibrium is short. However, since adsorption is an exothermic reaction, the decolorization temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will cause oxidation, which is not conducive to decolorization. It is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as vacuum conditions, the amount of clay and the properties of grease, and determine this parameter after testing. Generally speaking, the removal temperature of red is higher than that of yellow; when atmospheric decolorization and the use of low-activity adsorbents, the temperature requirements are higher. On the contrary, vacuum decolorization and the use of high-activity adsorbents can lower the decolorization temperature. Different oils have the most suitable decolorization temperature and time. For example, under the condition of negative pressure 6.7kpa, the maximum temperature of soybean oil decolorization with activated clay is only 82°C; the decolorization time is 20 minutes; and the maximum temperature required for operation under normal pressure is 104°C. The actual vacuum operating temperature is 100°C.

4. Necessity of stirring when refining equipment is decolorized

The decolorization process is a non-homogeneous physical and chemical reaction. In order to make the adsorbent and the pigment fully and uniformly contact, and to shorten the adsorption equilibrium time as much as possible, the Jin must be fully stirred. In the vacuum state, as long as there is no splash of grease, the more fully agitated, the more beneficial to improve the decolorization effect. There are several kinds of stirring methods, such as mechanical stirring and direct steam boiling stirring.


tea seed oil refining equipment


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