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What edible oil processing equipment is needed to open a small edible oil processing plant?

August 03, 2021

Recently, many customers have chosen to open small edible oil processing plants. On the one hand, they don’t know much about the specific process of edible oil processing, on the other hand they have limited investment budget, so they chose to start a small edible oil processing plant first, so that they can not only understand the edible oil industry and the edible oil processing process more clearly, but also accumulate for themselves Capital to expand the business. So what edible oil processing equipment is needed to start a small edible oil processing plant?


oil pressing equipment


The edible oil processing equipment often used in small edible oil processing plants is an oil press. The edible oil produced by the oil press is squeezed edible oil, and its nutrients and natural flavor are well preserved, which is very popular in the market. However, there are different types and models of oil presses, and it is necessary to choose a suitable oil press according to the daily oil processing capacity. In addition, in order to obtain better quality edible oil, you can also add other edible oil processing equipment according to your own situation.

If the daily oil processing capacity is between 1-10 tons, Henan Zhongxing recommends choosing a simple and easy-to-operate oil press to produce pressed edible oil. Common types of oil press include single screw oil press, automatic temperature control oil press, and automatic temperature control vacuum filtration integrated oil press. You can choose one or several oil presses to complete the edible oil pressing work according to your needs. In the actual production process, most customers will also use a drum wok to fry the oil first, adjust its temperature, humidity and internal structure to a state suitable for pressing, so that the edible oil pressing efficiency will be improved and the edible oil will be squeezed. The quality of the oil will also be better.


Different types of oil press


If you plan to process more than 10 tons of oil per day, Henan Zhongxing recommends that you choose a small edible oil production line to process edible oil, so as to ensure the oil output, avoid some oil loss, and control the investment budget. A small edible oil production line includes cleaning sieve, steaming and frying pan, oil press, and filter. If you want to obtain high-quality edible oil, you can also equip a small edible oil refining equipment to remove impurities in the oil, so that the ingredients of the edible oil meet the national standards.


 Refining equipment


In addition to the above two situations, Henan Zhongxing engineers can also design corresponding edible oil production programs according to your needs. In order to design the plan more accurately and meticulously, we need to understand the basic situation of the project, including the type of oil, the amount of oil processed, and the requirements for refined oil. You can send us your specific needs via the message form below, or contact us directly via phone and E-mail. I hope we can provide you with suitable edible oil equipment to make your edible oil processing project go smoothly.