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What equipment do I need to buy to open a rapeseed oil processing plant?

September 23, 2021

Our country is one of the major producers and major consumers of rapeseed oil. It has sufficient raw materials and a large market demand. Many people choose to open rapeseed oil processing plants and make profits by selling rapeseed oil. For the production of rapeseed oil, the purchase of rapeseed oil production equipment is a major event. So what equipment do I need to buy to open a rapeseed oil processing plant?

 rapeseed oil

The equipment needed to open a rapeseed oil processing plant is inseparable from the size of the processing plant. If the scale of the processing plant is relatively small, the daily processing capacity of rapeseed is less than 10 tons, then the oil press is a good choice. The oil press integrated machine has low investment cost and small floor space, which is more suitable for small-scale rapeseed oil processing plants. In order to make the quality of the rapeseed oil produced is better, it can be equipped with a wok to make the rapeseed reach a good state before being pressed. This can increase the value of rapeseed oil and increase profits.

 Wok Oil press machine

If the rapeseed oil processing plant is relatively large, processing more than 10 tons of rapeseed per day, then you can choose a pre-press and press to produce rapeseed oil. After being squeezed twice by the pre-press and the squeezer, most of the oil in the rapeseed is extracted, and the oil loss will be reduced, which will ensure a considerable economic income. If the processing capacity of rapeseed reaches more than 20 tons/day, the engineers of Henan Zhongxing suggest that you choose the extraction method to produce rapeseed oil. The rapeseed oil production equipment used includes rapeseed pretreatment equipment, rapeseed oil extraction equipment and rapeseed Oil refining equipment. After being processed by the rapeseed oil extraction equipment, the residual oil rate in the cake residue is less than 1%, so there is no need to worry about excessive oil loss. Rapeseed oil refining equipment can remove harmful impurities and useless impurities in the rapeseed oil, so that the rapeseed oil meets the national standards and can be sold on the market.

 Rapeseed oil extraction equipment

In addition to the size of the rapeseed oil processing plant, it is also necessary to determine the rapeseed oil production equipment that needs to be purchased based on factors such as investment costs and requirements for refined oil. The investment cost is high and the requirements for refined oil are high, so the selected rapeseed oil production equipment is naturally better. You can leave a message to us on the requirements for rapeseed oil production equipment in the form below. The engineers of Henan Zhongxing can comprehensively consider the factors involved and select cost-effective rapeseed oil production equipment for your rapeseed oil processing plant. Help.