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What is the squeezing method to make oil? What is oil extraction by leaching method? How does palm fruit make oil?

September 16, 2021

palm oil

There are two main traditional oil processing techniques: pressing method and leaching method:


        The principle of oil production by the squeezing method: the squeezing method (the squeezing method is physical squeezing) is to use a hydraulic oil press or a screw press to squeeze the grease in the oil with external force.

        The characteristics of oil production by pressing method: oil production by pressing method, simple process, less supporting equipment, strong adaptability to oil varieties, flexible production, good oil quality, good retention of nutrients in the oil, authentic color and pure flavor. However, the residual oil content of the pressed cake is high, the oil output efficiency is low, and the power consumption is large.


        The principle of oil production by leaching method: leaching method (the leaching method is chemical leaching), is to soak the oil with a solvent, the grease is extracted and dissolved in the solvent, and filtered to obtain a mixed oil containing the solvent and grease; heating the mixed oil to volatilize the solvent and combine with Crude oil is obtained from oil separation; the crude oil is processed through refining processes such as hydration, alkali refining, and decolorization, and becomes edible oil that meets national standards. The volatilized solvent gas is cooled and recovered and recycled.

      The characteristics of oil production by leaching method: The leaching method has high oil yield, low processing cost and low labor intensity. However, leaching solvents are generally flammable, explosive and toxic substances, which have poor production safety. In addition, the crude oil obtained by leaching contains a large number of non-fat components, and subsequent heating and separation of the solvent may easily lead to the loss of nutrients in the oil. The quality is poor.


How does palm fruit make oil?

        Palm fruit palm oil is made by pressing. The main process of palm fruit oil production is: palm fruit bunch → threshing machine → cooking tank → palm oil press (this is mainly for small production)