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What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing rapeseed oil processing equipment?

August 04, 2021

The continuous improvement of economic income and production level has made people pay more attention to the quality of food products, including rapeseed oil for daily consumption. Therefore, for rapeseed oil manufacturers, it is not only necessary to increase the oil output, but also to ensure the quality of the oil. Therefore, in addition to the quality of rapeseed, the technical operation of the workers and the storage of rapeseed oil, the selection of rapeseed oil processing equipment is also the focus of the manufacturers' attention. So how can we choose the right rapeseed oil processing equipment? What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing rapeseed oil processing equipment?


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1. Equipment design

The design of the equipment must be completed before the equipment is produced. Only good design can produce equipment that truly meets customer needs, so as to ensure the smooth progress of rapeseed oil processing. Henan Zhongxing's equipment production is carefully designed by a team of engineers. We will customize rapeseed oil processing equipment according to the quality of rapeseed, the market's various requirements for rapeseed oil, the customer's investment budget and other needs, and provide customers with rapeseed oil processing equipment that is truly suitable for him.

2. Equipment quality

The quality of rapeseed oil processing equipment is a concern for rapeseed oil manufacturers. Good equipment should be exquisite in workmanship and tightly welded. Don't buy equipment with rough workmanship, no matter how low the price is, because the production problems caused by inferior equipment are unpredictable. And Henan Zhongxing, as a edible oil production equipment manufacturer with more than ten years of production experience, has its own factory, a group of first-class welding workers, and a group of trained skilled workers. Our edible oil production equipment has passed quality certification, and customers can use it with confidence.


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3. Equipment after-sales service

The completion of the equipment production and delivery to the rapeseed oil manufacturer’s factory is not the end of the project. The installation and commissioning of the equipment and the operation of the equipment are an important step in the production and processing of rapeseed oil. Only the correct installation and operation can realize the processing flow of rapeseed oil. If you do not have an installation team and skilled workers, Henan Zhongxing can provide caring equipment after-sales service, including equipment installation and commissioning, as well as workers’ operating instructions to ensure that rapeseed oil can be processed and produced smoothly.


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The processing and production of rapeseed oil is not just a matter of fact, but needs to really implement every step. Therefore, when purchasing rapeseed oil processing equipment, pay attention to the details of the above three aspects in order to smoothly advance the rapeseed oil processing project. Henan Zhongxing has provided edible oil production equipment for many manufacturers and helped customers to smoothly promote the rapeseed oil production process. If you also need to buy rapeseed oil processing equipment, please leave a message below and look forward to our cooperation.