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What kind of oil equipment is used for refining silymarin oil and silymarin?

September 07, 2021

Henan Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery talks about the milk thistle seed oil press and milk thistle seed oil refining equipment used in the processing of the small variety of oil-milk thistle seed oil.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission has approved Silybum marianum seed oil as a new food raw material. Silybum marianum seed oil is made from Silybum marianum seeds of the Compositae family and is processed by cold pressing and filtration. The scope of use does not include infants. Baby food.


silymarin oil


1. Production process for processing milk thistle seed oil with low-temperature oil press equipment

Due to the relatively small scale of production, and in order to fully retain the silymarin in the cake, under the premise of ensuring high oil yield and product quality, the oil production process is based on the principle of shortening the process as much as possible and reducing thermal changes. Cold pressing method (also called cold pressing method).

The low-temperature pressing process is as follows:

Silybum marianum seeds are first removed from sand, stone, grass clippings, mud, dust, husks and ferromagnetic impurities by cleaning sieve, stone removing machine, magnetic separator and other equipment, and then softened.

The softening temperature should be controlled at about 60℃, too high temperature will destroy the silymarin in it, while too low temperature will not achieve the purpose of softening. Therefore, the control of softening temperature is very important.

The softened raw material is sent to the first low-temperature oil press for squeezing, and the resulting cake is then squeezed for the second time. The crude oil obtained from the two squeezing is precipitated and filtered and then sent to the oil refining equipment for refining and purification.

After the milk thistle seed cake is crushed, the silymarin is extracted from the vegetable extraction workshop.


silymarin oil


2. Production process of purifying milk thistle seed oil with oil refining equipment

The crude milk thistle seed oil can be refined to obtain both first-grade oil and high-grade cooking oil.

The process of producing high-grade milk thistle seed oil cooking oil is as follows:

Prepare the required concentration of lye according to the acid value of the crude oil.

Stir the oil in the caustic refining pot to about 45°C and start adding the prepared lye, continue to keep the temperature and stir for 20min~60min, when the oil and soap particles are separated, at a speed of 1℃/min~1.5℃/min Heat to 60 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, continue to stir for 10 minutes. When the oil soap obviously begins to separate, stop stirring, let it settle for 6h-8h, release the lower oily feet, and transfer to the washing pot for washing. The amount of water added is 10%-15% of the oil weight, the temperature is 85℃~90℃, washed with water for 2 to 3 times, and then decolorized.

The decolorization temperature is 90℃~105℃, the amount of clay added is 2%~5% of the oil weight, the time is about 30min, and the vacuum degree is kept at about 96kPa. After the decolorizing oil is filtered by the plate and frame filter to remove the white soil, it is deodorized in the deodorizing pot, and the heating source is heat transfer oil.

When the temperature rises to about 150°C, direct steam is injected, and the amount of direct steam injected should not cause splashing of grease. The deodorization temperature is 210℃~240℃, the time is 2.5h~4h, and the residual pressure in the pot is kept at 0.53kPa.

After the deodorization is over, the oil is put into a cooler to cool, then filtered, and then pumped into the product oil tank. The refining production process can be adjusted according to specific conditions to make it meet the requirements of producing first-class oil or advanced cooking oil.


oil refining equipment


3. Process conclusion of silymarin extract equipment

(1) This process has short production lines, simple equipment matching, simple operation and low investment.

(2) The pressed cake of this process retains the silymarin in the raw materials to the utmost extent, which provides good conditions for the extraction of silymarin.

(3) The oil contained in the cake is separated in the extraction workshop, which reduces the oil loss as much as possible.

(4) After silybum marianum seeds are made into oil and refined, the residue contains 36.4% starch and 23% protein, which can be used as animal feed.

(5) Silybum marianum oil is a kind of edible health oil worthy of promotion, and its future market prospects are great.

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