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What substances are removed from the oil in the decolorization process of the refining equipment?

September 09, 2021

The purpose of edible oil decolorization is to reduce the color of the oil and obtain light-colored or natural oil, but the purpose of today's edible oil decolorization is mainly to remove undesirable by-products in the oil, including those that are not conducive to food safety and sanitation. Certain harmful substances, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons caused by pollution, pesticide residues, oxidative deterioration substances and so on.

The color index of edible oil is one of the characteristic indexes to evaluate the quality of edible oil, especially the oil used in the fields of food, cosmetics and fine chemical industry, the requirements for its color and luster are more stringent. The pigment in edible oil will affect the appearance and performance of the oil, and different pigments have different effects on the stability of the oil. Therefore, in the process of edible oil production, if you want to obtain high-quality oil that meets the edible oil standards, you need to use oil refining equipment to decolorize the oil.

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  What are the fats and oils removed in the oil refining equipment?


  1, pigment

  The pigments in edible fats and oils mainly include chlorophyll and carotenoids. A few oils also contain special pigments. For example, the gossypol in cottonseed oil will make the oil appear dark brown. Most of these oil-soluble pigments enter the oil during the production of fats, and some are produced during the production of fats. For example, chlorophyll is transformed into a red variant of chlorophyll under the action of high temperature, and free fatty acids are produced by the interaction of iron ions. Dark iron soap and so on.


  2, organic degradation products

  Organic degradation products are degradation products of proteins, phospholipids, carbohydrates and other components in degraded oilseeds.


  3, Chromogen

   Chromogen has no color under normal circumstances, but it will show a bright color after oxidation or the action of specific reagents. Although most pigments are not toxic, they affect the appearance of grease.