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Why do many food factories use palm oil to make food?

September 17, 2021

Why do many food factories use palm oil to make food? Is it because palm oil is more delicious or the cost is relatively low, and how low can it be if the cost is low? In addition, is palm oil harmful to humans?

 palm oil

Let me talk about the price first

Palm oil is currently the main oil produced. The global annual output is over 50 million tons, followed by soybean oil with about 38 million tons. The remaining oil basically does not exceed 10 million tons. The main reason for the high yield of palm oil is the high yield. The oil output per hectare can reach 4 tons, which is equivalent to more than 500 catties per mu. We know that the high yield of conventional oil crops is peanuts. Data obtained a few years ago The average oil output is more than 100 catties per mu. It can be seen that when harvesting the same oil products, palm oil requires a smaller production area. More importantly, these production areas are mostly concentrated in tropical areas of Malaysia and Indonesia. Most palm plantations are former tropical rain forests. Compared with traditional agricultural countries, the cost of using these land is also lower. Low land cost is the main factor for low palm oil prices. Therefore, in a normal year, the domestic palm oil transaction price is nearly 3,000 yuan lower than the soybean oil price in the same period.


Let's talk about the issue of use.

As mentioned above, China imports a lot of palm oil, about 7 million tons, of which about 5 million tons are used for cooking oil-a large part of these oils are in the households, yes, it is the blended oils, we generally listen The soybean blended oil and peanut blended oil do not mean that soybeans or peanuts account for the absolute majority. In fact, palm oil may account for the majority. The main reason is that palm oil is cheaper. But obviously the uses of palm oil are not just these. Palm oil also has big uses in the food industry, that is, fried foods, especially instant noodles and western fast food restaurants. Palm oil is a more suitable choice for fried foods, because palm oil can withstand long-term high temperatures, while ordinary plants will not be oxidized and deteriorated soon after frying, turning yellow and black, and prone to carcinogens, but palm oil can last for a long time. Without changing color. This can be done mainly because palm oil has a relatively high saturation, even higher than some animal oils, so it has good stability.