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Why does the oil press enter the hopper to store oil?

September 18, 2021

oil press

With the rapid development of the oil pressing industry in recent years, the upgrading of oil press equipment is obvious to all, such as peanut oil press, sesame oil press, rape oil press, sunflower oil press, automatic oil press, Screw oil presses, hydraulic oil presses, small oil presses, etc., are various and more detailed. There are more and more users buying oil press. Many oil press equipment will have problems of this kind during use, sometimes due to improper operation, sometimes due to machine failure. Don't panic when we encounter problems. We must first find out what is the reason, and don’t start to deny the machine as soon as there is a problem, and feel that there is a problem with the quality of the machine. Today, let’s look at the reasons for the phenomenon of oil storage and oil return during the oil extraction process:

1. When the oil press is in operation, this phenomenon will be caused due to the tightness of the row and the row. The compression nut and the push wire can be loosened appropriately to make the oil flow smoothly.

2. Due to the excessive oil content of the oil when squeezing the oil, the cake is too thin, and the phenomenon of oil return and oil return will also occur. In view of the thickness of the cake that can be adjusted, just add the cake to the frying chamber and flush out the oil.

The above problem is a problem encountered during operation. In fact, this is not a machine quality problem, and an operation problem during operation. The screw press is different from other machines. It can squeeze more products and various products. The oil yield and oil content are different, this should be adjusted according to the actual situation.