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Why is it said that the pre-expression oil extraction process is good?

August 03, 2021

The edible oil production process is mainly divided into three types: pressing method, leaching method and pre-pressing leaching method. Different oil-making processes can not only affect the quality of oils but also the market competitiveness of oil plants. The following is a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of these three oil-making processes.


1. Squeezing method


The squeezing method is a method of extracting oil by squeezing the grease out of the oil with the help of mechanical force.

Oil pressing production line

Advantages: The squeezing method has strong adaptability to oil varieties, can squeeze a variety of oils and is flexible in production, and the squeezed oil has good quality, light color and pure flavor.

Disadvantages: The oil cake after pressing has a high residual oil content, the protein and other substances are severely damaged and denatured, and the power consumption is large. The equipment parts used in the pressing method are easy to wear, which speeds up the production cost of the oil plant.

Edible oil squeezing equipment squeezing method oil production process equipment


2. The leaching method


The theoretical basis of the leaching oil production process is the extraction principle. It is necessary to use the mutual solubility of grease and organic solvent in the leaching equipment, so that the organic solvent and the oil are fully contacted to obtain a mixture of organic solvent and crude oil, which is then heated and stripped. , The method of removing the organic solvent in the mixed oil to obtain crude oil. The crude oil obtained in this way is further refined to become the final edible oil.

leaching method

Advantages: low residual oil rate, high oil yield, low processing cost, high quality of the cake and meal, and good feeding effect in the feed industry.

Disadvantages: The oil is refined and loses many active substances, which reduces the nutrient content of the oil.

Edible oil leaching equipment leaching method oil production process equipment


3. Pre-expression extraction method


The pre-expression leaching method is a combination of the squeezing method and the leaching method of oil production. The oil production process first uses the squeezing method to squeeze out most of the oil in the oil, and then uses the leaching method to extract the remaining oil in the pressed cake. It is a method to extract the residual oil in the cake to less than 1%.


Advantages: The pre-expression leaching method retains the advantages of the squeezing method and the oil-making process of the leaching method, allowing the nutrient content of the oil to be preserved, but also accelerating the oil yield and the quality of the cake, making it better in the market competition of oil plants. Have advantages.


Disadvantages: The pre-expression leaching method combines the squeezing method and the leaching method two oil production process and oil production equipment, so the investment cost is high. Oil process equipment.


Therefore, from the comparison of the squeezing method, the leaching method, and the pre-pressing leaching method, it can be seen that the oil-making process of the pre-pressing leaching method has a competitive advantage in the market. The residual oil in the cake is extracted to improve the quality of the cake and the oil yield, so that the oil obtained by the pre-expression extraction method stands out in the fiercely competitive market. If you want to know more about the equipment configuration of the oil-making process or the pre-expression extraction method, you can email to ZTE Grain and Oil Machinery.