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With low energy consumption and high efficiency leaching, the advantages of Henan Zhongxing rapeseed oil leaching equipment are more than these

September 08, 2021

Oil plants generally do not use direct leaching methods to extract rapeseed oil. They usually use the pre-expression-extraction method. After being crushed to a suitable particle size, oil is prepared by leaching method to increase the oil yield of rapeseed oil. The use of rapeseed oil extraction equipment to produce rapeseed oil has the advantages of high oil yield, low processing cost, high degree of automation, and good production environment. Our rapeseed oil extraction equipment also has the following advantages:

 rapeseed oil leaching equipment

   1. Stainless steel is used to fix the grid, and the horizontal grid is added to prevent the concentrated mixed oil from flowing into the blanking grid, so as to ensure the leaching effect;


   2. The horizontal rotation extractor adopts rack drive, unique rotor balance design, low speed, low power, stable operation, no noise, and extremely low maintenance cost;


  3. The feeding system automatically adjusts the speed of the closed air device and the main engine according to the incoming material, so that the corresponding material level is always maintained in the storage box, which is beneficial to the formation of a slight negative pressure inside the extractor and reduces the leakage of the solvent;


  4. The advanced mixed oil circulation principle design is beneficial to reduce the input of fresh solvent, reduce the residual oil in the meal, increase the concentration of mixed oil, and achieve the purpose of energy saving by reducing the amount of evaporation;


   5. The high material layer transition design of the extractor is conducive to the formation of immersion leaching and reducing the content of meal powder in the mixed oil, which is conducive to improving the quality of crude oil and reducing the scaling of the evaporation system;


   6. There are many kinds of raw materials used for leaching, especially suitable for the leaching of various pre-pressed cakes.