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What are the advantages of a complete set of leaching equipment?

September 08, 2021

The complete set of leaching equipment is composed of extractor, evaporator, evaporator, stripper, condenser and other equipments. It uses the extraction principle of organic solvent, and after full contact, soaking or spraying on the oil billet or pre-pressed cake, The oil is extracted. The leaching equipment has the advantages of wide application range, high efficiency, high oil yield, good safety, and convenient operation. The complete set of leaching equipment also has the following advantages:

 a complete set of leaching equipment

   1. Save energy. The complete set of leaching equipment reduces the amount of steam and circulating water in the entire production line. After the implementation of negative pressure evaporation, the oil quality is good, the hydration and degumming is easy, and the amount of white clay will also be reduced. With negative pressure operation, the solvent consumption in the workshop has also been reduced.


  2. The leaching crude oil is of high quality. The production and operation temperature of the complete set of leaching equipment is much lower than that of normal pressure operation. This feature reduces the degree of oxidation by 80%, the color is light, and the residual dissolution is generally below 0.02%. The quality of the leached crude oil has been improved.


   3. Reduce the condensation area. The continuous production process of the complete set of leaching equipment can reduce the burden of the condensing system, so the condensing area required by the equipment can be reduced by at least 40% compared with atmospheric evaporation.


   4. Production operation. The entire production process of the complete set of leaching equipment is under a slight negative pressure environment, the phenomenon of solvent escape and emission can be reduced, and the operating performance of the leaching workshop has been improved.


   5. Large capacity. The design capacity of the extractor is large, the material layer is high, and the output generally has a margin of 20-40%, which is beneficial to increase the output and increase the efficiency.


  6. ​​Good process performance. The adopted siphon spray device has good process performance and uniform and stable intermittent spray speed, which can improve the spray quality and minimize the effect of residual oil in the meal.