1-300T/D <span> Complete Set Of Equipment <span> For Winterization Dewaxing</span>

1-300T/D Complete Set Of Equipment For Winterization Dewaxing

Winterization dewaxing is a process of crystallization of wax with high freezing point by cooling oil. 


For sunflower oil, corn germ oil and rice bran oil with high wax, after degumming, deacidifying, decolorization, deodorization and other refining processes, a small amount of solid fat will be flocculent precipitation in cold winter, and affect the appearance and the use of product. In order to put an end to this phenomenon, these products need to increase the process of winterization dewaxing. Under stirring slowly, winterization dewaxing will cool the oil and fat to around 4-6 ℃ in a certain period of time, and the wax forms a larger crystal, separation and precipitation, then through filtering, the liquid oil and solid fat separation, thus improve the edible quality and nutritional value of the oil and fat.





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