6F series <span>automatic feeding <span> flour machine</span>

6F series automatic feeding flour machine

The 6F series automatic feeding flour machine is a new type of double-screen powder extraction, three-roller feeding, and flat-silo automatic flour mill specially developed by scientific and technical personnel according to the needs of users in various places. 

Its main features are: large screening area and good heat dissipation. Further increase the output, can effectively shorten the grinding time of the material, maintain the inherent characteristics of the flour, and the operation and maintenance are convenient, the feeding is uniform, the height of the whole machine only needs to be 3.5 meters, and it can be installed in general houses.



6F series automatic feeding flour machine runs smoothly. It is conveyed by a fan to automatically lift grain and peel, save manpower and further improve efficiency. The granary volume of this machine is large, with a feeding of more than 300 kg. So as to achieve energy saving, consumption reduction, high output, good flour quality, white powder, and meet the national GB-1355-86 flour quality standard, it is an ideal replacement product for the majority of users.





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