Grease <span> extraction equipment </span>

Grease extraction equipment

The core of the grease extraction process lies in the extractor. According to the production method, it can be divided into two types: batch extractor and continuous extractor.

The main structure of the batch type extractor is a tank type extractor or a single tank type extractor (leaching tank).

The intermittent extractor is suitable for small-scale edible oil processing plants.

There are many types of continuous extractors, and the most commonly used are flat-rotation extractors and drag chain ring extractors.


Types and characteristics of commonly used extractors

1. Rotary Extractors

The extractor is composed of a shell, a grate-shaped fixed grid bottom, 16 rotating leaching grids, a mixing oil hopper, a feed auger and a meal unloading scraper (or auger), a transmission device and other parts. The bottom of the fixed grid is composed of many metal grate bars arranged in concentric circles and with an inverted trapezoidal section. The gap is 0.8mm on the top and 1.5mmm on the bottom, which has a self-cleaning effect and is not easy to be blocked. The extraction cell rotates around a fixed ** axis, and is driven by a sprocket or bevel gear that surrounds the outer ring of the extraction cell.

The performance characteristics of the flat-to-extractor:

The bottom of the fixed grid is sturdy and wear-resistant, has a simple structure, and has a long service life. There is no phenomenon of slag leakage due to the easy wear of the false bottom of the screen;

When the preform rotates with the leaching grid, it is continuously scraped to the fixed meal outlet and discharged. There is no way to open the false bottom, and some problems will occur when the preform is discharged, such as easy arching when the preform moisture is higher than the meal;

The fixed grid bottom has high manufacturing requirements and high installation requirements. At the same time, attention must be paid to the problem that the feed grid is easy to flow backwards, which affects the residual oil, and the material is easy to leak when the powder is tested.

2. Sliding Cell Extractor

The horizontal grid bottom frame bucket (Lurgi SC type) extractor is also called "sliding frame bucket" (SC), which is a new type of high-efficiency extractor developed by Lurgi Company. The main working part is the frame bucket, which is no longer pulled by the perforated mesh belt, but instead slides on the bottom of the fixed grate grid to drive the blank to perform the leaching operation. The bottom of the grid is divided into upper and lower layers, which are assembled by several "V"-shaped grate bars. The gap is 0.8~1.2mm wide. The frame bucket is actually formed by several (40~60) special-shaped partitions to form a cavity for storage. The bottom of the frame is equipped with pin shafts on both sides of the outer bottom of the bucket, which can be driven by the engagement of the drive pin wheels at both ends of the extractor to make the bottom of the frame move horizontally on the bottom of the grid. At the same time, when the upper frame bucket moves to the end discharge port, the blank is dropped into the lower frame bucket by gravity, and then the frame bucket is turned to the lower level through the drive pin wheel and continues to move horizontally. Until the preform is completely counter-current leaching, drained until the meal is discharged, and then turned to the upper layer to enter a new leaching process. At the bottom of the grid, there is an oil collecting hopper every 4-6 frame buckets, and there are 6-8 circulating pumps for spraying circulation.

The performance characteristics of the sliding frame bucket extractor:

Equipped with automatic material level controller, feeding evenly, can ensure material sealing;

The feeding screw drive can be variable speed, with greater operating flexibility;

The pins on both sides of the frame bucket are used to move on the slide rails while driving the blanks to move together on the bottom of the grid. The operation is stable and the bottom of the grid has a long service life;

The height of the frame bucket is only 0.5~0.8 meters, which belongs to the shallow material layer hybrid leaching (material layer 0.4~0.65m), with high efficiency;

There is a long draining section in the lower part, which leads to a low soluble content of wet meal. For example, when the soybean greens prepared by the "ALCON" method are leached, the soluble content of wet meal is low;

Double-bed structure, the blanks can be turned and dynamically leached from the upper layer to the lower layer at one time, which is beneficial to increase the oil yield and is also convenient for installation and transportation;

The positioning of the frame bucket and the oil collecting bucket can ensure the separation of each leaching stage. Nine leaching stages are designed, of which the first 3 leaching stages are each equipped with 5-6 nozzles (one nozzle for each grid), which can adapt to the leaching of a variety of oils.

3. Perforated Belt Extractor

De Smet crawler-type extractor, the main working parts of this model include: material sealing auger, storage box and material level control device: the conveyor belt (caterpillar) that circulates for a week gradually changes from feeding to feeding Inclined upwards; closed shell, the feed end is equipped with a material level control scraper; the meal output end is equipped with a feed tooth: main and driven sprocket (4) and transmission system: mixed oil circulation pump (9 sets), spray It is composed of 9 shower pipes, oil collecting trough, meal out screw auger and other parts. The effective length of chain belt leaching is 16~22m, and the linear speed of chain belt is 6~15m/h.

Features of crawler extractor:

Simple structure, long single-layer leaching length, adjustable material level (from low material layer to high material layer), and strong adaptability;

Pure percolation type leaching, more stages, high mixed oil concentration, clear and less residue;

Good drainability, low residual solubility of wet meal;

There are many leaching stages, and the leaching time is relatively long. There is no partition between each stage of leaching, which is easy to produce mixed flow;

The power consumption is very low, the V-shaped strip type crawler has a longer service life than the perforated mesh belt type, and it is not easy to be blocked.

4. Rectangular Loop Extractor

Ring drag chain type extractor (Crown type) extractor In 1947, Crown Corporation, Iowa State University and DuPont Corporation agreed to use their design, patents and experience to develop commercial oil extraction equipment. In January 1948, Crown started to develop solvent extraction equipment. Since the first ring drag chain extractor was developed in 1949, after years of production practice and many improvements, a series of products of various models and scales have been formed. The material first enters the storage box on the upper part of the extractor, and slowly advances to the spray leaching section (straight section) under the push of the scraper chain frame. At the same time, after multiple sprays, it enters the lower layer through the curved section to continue leaching. At the end of the leaching In the stage, spray with fresh solvent again, and then the wet meal will continue to move forward through the draining section and drain naturally, and finally discharged from the discharge port (lower layer).

The characteristics of the ring extractor:

The biggest feature of the ring extractor is that the material can be turned when entering the lower layer from the curved section, making the material leaching more uniform and thorough, the material layer is shallow, the wet meal contains less soluble, and the residual oil is easily reduced to less than 1%.

The processing capacity of these four types of extractors in China has reached 6000 tons/day, and the large-scale, automated, and intelligent extractors are the current development trend.





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