Millet <span> processing equipment <span> with a daily output of 50 tons</span>

Millet processing equipment with a daily output of 50 tons

Based on the characteristics of grains such as millet, glutinous millet, yellow millet, white millet, and beam rice, a complete set of automated processes and equipment suitable for enterprise processing are designed. The resulting product has good yield, good color and no impurities. 

The plan is upgraded from raw grains, and goes through the processes of cleaning, removing impurities, removing stones, hulling, shelling, separating grains, grinding rice with emery rolls, polishing, and grading millet. It has the characteristics of automatic operation, rice output rate, no pollution, and convenient operation and maintenance.


1. Scope of application: deep processing of japonica millet, glutinous millet, yellow millet, white millet, green millet, black millet, beam rice and fragrant millet.

2. Product structure: millet, Liangmi

3. Product production rate: millet 60-70% rice bran 30-35% broken rice 2% total finished product rate: 65-72%

4. Wide finished product index

a. Sand content: <0.02%

b. Magnetic metal content: <0.003/kg

c. Moisture: storage type <16%

d. Appearance and taste: good color, no impurities, pure taste.


Process characteristics:

1. The process is reasonable, and the process of first shelling and light grinding is adopted, which largely solves the problems of hard shelling, easy crushing and uneven grinding in the traditional process.

2. Equipment, this complete set of equipment is equipped with our company's cleaning equipment, shelling equipment, type grinding equipment and the millet grading equipment independently developed by our company. The application of these technologies and equipment makes the equipment have a rice output rate, a low rate of broken rice, and the finished rice is golden and bright.

3. The process is perfect. This complete set of equipment realizes automatic continuous operation from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to millet grading and bagging, and power distribution. The process is smooth and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

4. Low energy consumption. This complete set of equipment avoids traditional energy-consuming equipment and adopts energy-saving equipment. The unit energy consumption of the whole machine is relatively ideal.


This equipment is widely used in large, medium and small millet processing plants and millet processing in towns and rural areas.





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