Rice Mill <span> Equipment</span>

Rice Mill Equipment

Rice mill machine is a kind of comprehensive equipment for rice processing. Rice goes into machine through vibrating screen and magnet unit, and then forward under rubber-roller for hulling. Winnowing and air blowing to husk. 

The machine may complete all the processing works from cleaning grain, rice husking in hulling to rice husking in succession. As to husk, chaff, blighted grain as well ad polished rice, they are all pushed out of machine separately. This machine is comprehensive expression for all the good qualities of varied kinds of rice-processing machines. For instance, it is arranged with a comprehensive view of situation and is designed rationally.


Our rice processing machine adopts advanced technology, scientific and mature process.


A complete rice milling plant includes:

Raw paddy → Cleaner → Destoner → Paddy husker → Paddy Separator → Rice Whitener → mist type polisher → Rice Grader → Color Sorter → Packing,

And the final white rice is first grade quality, which can meet international import and export standards.


1) The raw grain cleaning (the cylinder sieve, vibrating sieve, stone removing machine)

2) The rice huller(Use the rice huller to remove the shell, generally equipped with air separation, the rice shell will be removed.)

3) Paddy mixture separation (paddy separating screen)

4) Unripe of brown rice grain was isolated (typically large rice mill factory used)

5) Milling

6) Rice grading (rice grading sieve)

7) Polishing

8) Color sorter

9) Rice grading

10) Packing



A. We provide a turnkey project of our machinery, including special design, installation, commissioning, training workers.

B. All of our equipment contain ONE(1) YEAR free spare parts and warranty.

C. 24 hour/day and 7days/week for after-sales service.

D. Lifelong service to each equipment be sold to you. We provide turnkey project of machinery, including special design, installation, commissioning ,training workers. All of our equipment contain one year free spare parts.


The capacity of rice milling machine can be adjusted according to your inquire:from 10T per day to 500T per day and so on.





Professional Advice


Please kindly inform us your required daily capacity, treated quantity, raw material, covering space and related data,so that we can make flow chart production line for you as your requirement. Zhongxing machinery will stand at your point to suggest low cost and suitable production line for you. Sincerely want to cooperate with you.







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