Soybean <span> extraction equipment </span>

Soybean extraction equipment

Soybean oil is generally processed by a variety of methods such as pressing and leaching to obtain crude oil with more impurities, and then refined to obtain edible refined oil. Soybean oil content is 15%-26%, oil yield: 12%-18% depending on the quality of soybeans (imported soybean oil is higher than domestic oil yield)

The squeezing method is divided into two kinds of ordinary squeezing method and screw squeezing method. Ordinary squeezing is a method of directly applying pressure on soybeans (commonly known as stupid squeezed soybean oil). This method has not been used much, especially in industrialized large-scale production. In the screw press method, a screw shaft is installed in the cylinder of the horizontal device. After the pretreated soybean enters the screw press, the oil is squeezed out while advancing. 


Ⅰ.Soybean oil extraction process:

Soybean→cleaning and stone removal→crushing→puffing (optional)→drying→squeezing

Therefore, we will focus on the soybean leaching equipment.


Ⅱ.Soybean leaching process

1.Pretreatment process:

Soybean→cleaning and stone removal→crushing→softening→rolling→drying→leaching


2.The leaching process:

                                         Solvent       Solvent recovery

                                               ↓                        ↓

               Soybean cake → extractor → mixed oil treatment → crude oil


Solvent recovery ← steaming off wet meal → finished meal


Ⅲ.Refining process:

Soybean oil → phosphoric acid degumming → washing and drying → adsorption decolorization → distillation deodorization → filtration → refined oil


The process of soybean extraction production line of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Cleaning process: cleaning sieve to remove impurities, suction fan to remove impurities lighter than soybeans, stone remover is to remove stones in soybeans. The cleaning process can completely remove 99% of the impurities in the soybeans, thereby reducing the wear and tear on the equipment and ensuring the quality of the soybeans.

2. Precise billet rolling process: destroys the cell tissue of the oil, increases the surface area of ​​the oil, and shortens the path for the oil to flow out, which is conducive to the extraction of oil and also helps to improve the steaming effect. The requirement for the rolled billet is that the billet is thin and uniform, with low powder density and no oil leakage.

3. Environmentally-friendly and energy-saving leaching system: the leaching device, unique exhaust gas absorption system, has a relatively good absorption effect, fully energy-saving design, multiple use of heat energy, thereby saving steam consumption.


Henan Zhongxing Grain And Oil Machinery soybean extraction equipment can meet the owner's overall requirements for the project and other customized requirements, combined with the current domestic and foreign technological development direction, and at the same time consider the owner's actual long-term production situation in the future. It has many characteristics such as safe, reliable, energy-saving, has good economic indicators and stability, low failure rate, easy maintenance, long service life of equipment, etc.





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