Sunflower oil <span> refining equipment</span>

Sunflower oil refining equipment

Sunflower oil refining equipment is divided into batch refining, semi-continuous refining and continuous refining according to the process. Regardless of the type of refining, the process used is the same to remove impurities and harmful substances in the edible oil.

Classification of sunflower oil refining equipment

All stages of batch refining are carried out in batches.

In semi-continuous refining, degumming, deacidification and decolorization are carried out in batches, and deodorization is carried out continuously.

All sections of continuous refining are carried out continuously, and the degumming section uses the centrifuge removal method to remove peptic impurities.


Brief Introduction of Sunflower Seed Oil Refining Equipment Process

In the sunflower oil refining and degumming section, the gum is removed by adding hot water to the edible oil.   

In the sunflower oil refining and deacidification section, free fatty acids are removed by adding lye and using acid-base neutralization reaction.   

In the sunflower oil refining water washing section, the deacidified oil is washed with water to remove the residual peptic impurity aggregates and soap feet in the oil.   

In the sunflower oil refining and decolorization section, the purpose of removing the pigment in the oil is achieved through the adsorption characteristics of the food-grade activated clay.   

In the sunflower oil refining and deodorization section, the edible oil is heated and the high-temperature evaporation principle is used to remove the irritant and other odors in the edible oil.





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