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10 tons of grape seed refining equipment oil extraction production line

September 13, 2021

Grape seed oil is a kind of edible oil that has only become popular in recent years. It is called healthy nutritious oil together with peony seed oil, perilla seed oil, linseed oil, hemp seed oil, etc. Grape seed oil has high nutritional value. In the main grape producing areas and wine processing areas in our country, there are more projects for processing grape seed oil, because the high grape seed production in these areas also restricts the development of the grape seed oil industry.

I believe people who don’t understand grape seed oil will think that grape seeds are not all thrown away, but oil can be extracted? The answer is yes. Grape seed can not only squeeze oil, but also has very rich nutritional value. There are also strict domestic standards for grape seed oil, which is also regulating the development of the grape seed oil processing industry. The competition for bulk edible oil processing is fierce. Processing precious nutrient oils such as grape seed oil is a good breakthrough.

 Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is processed by cold pressing and subcritical extraction. In terms of cost performance, cold pressed grape seed oil is more suitable for users to invest. Why? To put it simply, for the same production line, the investment required for subcritical extraction is several times that of the cold-pressed oil production line, but the quality of cold-pressed oil is not bad at all. In comparison, cold-pressed grapeseed oil is more cost-effective. .

For processing grape seed oil, the Zhongxing grain and oil machinery oil press manufacturer also encourages users to start with cold pressing oil and only need to purchase a grape seed oil press production line. The oil equipment involved mainly includes grape seed oil press and grape seed oil. Oil refining equipment, the oil press is equipped with Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery 6YY series hydraulic oil press and 6YL series screw press, which can press together to produce more oil. The Zhongxing oil refining equipment has good effect and it is also recommended for users to purchase and use.

For some users with investment experience, processing grapeseed oil can be said to be a familiar road and easy to get started. For novice users, they may not even know how much the basic output is appropriate. Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery oil press manufacturers suggest that users can Starting from a 10 ton grape seed oil press production line, select the correct oil press model, plus 1T/D small oil refining equipment, which is flexible and changeable in processing, simple and easy to operate and efficient.

 Grape seed oil

For grape seed oil squeezing and refining, we choose Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery Oil Press Manufacturers to cooperate. This is not only reflected in the quality of the equipment, but more Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery manufacturers take a serious and responsible attitude towards users and are good manufacturers that truly seek the benefits of users. , The service is good, of course, more users are willing to go hand in hand. Users are welcome to visit and purchase.