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Several edible oils commonly used in life are quite different

September 13, 2021

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, modern people have higher and higher requirements for healthy diet and quality of life. There are many types of edible oils on the market today, but what is the difference between these edible oils? How should consumers choose to buy and use?

 edible oils

Several kinds of edible oils commonly used in daily life are quite different. First of all, the main raw materials of salad oil are rapeseed and soybeans, and their taste and color are relatively light, and the content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E is relatively high. In comparison, although peanut oil and salad oil have a certain similarity in the content of these two ingredients, peanut oil has a deeper color and a richer fragrance.

In recent years, olive oil has gradually become the new favorite of consumers. This is due to its high monounsaturated acid content, which can prevent the body from oxidative damage and increased blood lipids. Most of the products on the market are imported, and we can also choose tea oil with a similar fatty acid ratio as a substitute.

Corn oil, also known as corn germ oil, is the oil extracted from the embryo of corn seeds. It is also a kind of edible oil that we can often see in our lives. It has a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids and a fatty acid composition similar to sunflower oil. But the latter is rich in ingredients such as vitamin E and chlorogenic acid, so it has a higher nutritional value and a more unique flavor.

 edible oils

For a wide variety of edible oils, choosing the one that suits you is the key. For patients with "three highs" and other diseases and the elderly suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, olive oil, tea oil, salad oil should be chosen as much as possible, and the use of butter and animal oil should be minimized or avoided. Friends who want to supplement vitamin E can choose corn oil and peanut oil. When buying peanut oil, we should avoid choosing virgin peanut oil because it may contain aflatoxin, a carcinogen. For consumers without special needs, we can buy blended oils or a variety of edible oils and use them alternately to ensure a balanced diet.

In the process of use, we should use it scientifically according to the characteristics of different edible oils and the differences in cooking methods. Except olive oil is not suitable for high temperature use, other types of edible oil can be used for frying. For high-temperature frying cooking methods, salad oil can be used as much as possible because of its higher thermal stability.

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