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Camellia Seed Shelling Machine

September 13, 2021

Tea seed oil, also called camellia seed oil, is a vegetable oil extracted from tea tree seeds and is a natural high-grade edible oil. The price is high, but it is good value for money, because it can be taken both internally and externally, and its nutritional value is extremely high, even exceeding that of olive oil.

Generally, it can be used internally for cold dressing, frying, frying, frying, etc., but for external use, it has a wider effect and can be applied to the whole body. It can also be used for shampooing and bathing. Tea seed oil has the reputation of liquid gold. It is a pure natural skin care cream. It is rich in oleic acid and is very skin-friendly. It has a good relieving effect on dry and cracked skin and itching.

 camellia seed oi

Brief introduction of tea fruit peeling machine:

The tea fruit peeling machine is mainly suitable for removing impurities, peeling and sorting of camellia fruit raw materials. The camellia fruit peeling machine has high impurity removal efficiency, peeling, sorting, and continuous peeling. The return material is directly peeled and the whole kernel rate is high. , Large output, high degree of automation, clean production environment, etc. The camellia fruit peeling machine adopts negative pressure operation to peel and sort the tea seeds, which can not only purify the working environment, but also realize the good effects of peeling, winnowing and separating the camellia fruit. It has unique technological performance.

The tea fruit peeling machine can directly peel the fresh camellia fruit picked from the tea tree without exposing the camellia fruit in advance. The output per hour is about 800kg-1200kg per hour. After a long period of research and development and practice, the peeled camellia seeds have smooth skin, no scratches, and no internal cracks. This machine has the characteristics of shelling, high separation efficiency, simple and reasonable structure, and convenient use. There are two kinds of electric power and diesel power, and two kinds of household single-phase power and three-phase power can be selected. It is suitable for large, medium and small tea oil and fruit value households everywhere.

Camellia Seed

After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply appropriate amount of tea seed oil to your face and neck. Massage gently to easily remove skin spots and wrinkles, remove dark circles and bags under the eyes, leaving your skin white, delicate and radiant.

Applying tea seed oil to the skin in summer can effectively combat ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn and peeling of the skin. The beauty effect of tea seed oil is very good, you should not miss it if you love beauty.

These benefits of tea seed oil are enough to surprise you. In addition to these, it has many small magical uses, and these two are very applicable. When burns or scalds occur, teaseed oil can be used directly to smear the wounds, which has anti-inflammatory effects and can promote early healing of the wounds.

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