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300-500kg/h small palm oil press

September 15, 2021

The 300-500kg/h small palm oil press is specially developed by Henan Zhongxing Oil Co., Ltd. according to the actual situation of small palm oil production in Africa. It is used to press palm fruit to obtain palm oil. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, easy operation, and easy maintenance. It can help customers process 8-12 tons of palm fruit every day, which is more suitable for family workshops and small palm oil processing plants.

In order to enhance the applicability of the small palm oil press, and to reasonably cope with the unstable power situation in some parts of Africa, the palm oil press designed by our engineers can be driven by two different types of power, namely the electric drive palm oil press And the diesel engine drives the palm oil press, the majority of users and friends can choose according to their actual conditions.

palm oil

1. The technical parameters of the 300-500kg/h small palm oil press are as follows:






Spindle speed (r/min)


Cooking time (h)


Output (kg/h)




Transport size (mm)



Diesel engine: 8HP






Motor: 4KW

small palm oil press

2. Advantages of 300-500kg/h small palm oil press:

(1) Scientific design and reasonable structure

The design is scientific, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, safe and stable, and the fully automatic device is adopted.

(2) Excellent material and precise craftsmanship

Made of high-carbon steel and other excellent materials, it has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, and accelerates the service life of the oil press. The use time can reach several decades.

(3) Reasonable pressing and high oil yield

The small palm oil press uses the screw extrusion force and the squeezing cage to complete the process of squeezing the oil embryos, so that the pressure in the squeezing chamber increases rapidly, and the oil is fissioned and separated at one time, and the oil output is greatly accelerated.

(4) Suitable for all seasons without restriction

The oil press is not restricted by the climate, and can be pressed and operated throughout the year.

(5) Low energy consumption and high oil yield

It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional African oil extraction methods, such as simple equipment, cumbersome operation, large area, high energy consumption, low oil yield, and poor sanitary environment. It can achieve the purpose of large processing capacity, high oil yield, energy saving and labor saving. 

Our 300-500kg/h small palm oil press can be used alone or in conjunction with palm threshing machines, plate and frame filters and other equipment, which can make the pressing efficiency high, the oil output is more smooth, and the extracted palm oil More pure. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.