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Hydraulic Sesame Oil Press

September 15, 2021

The hydraulic sesame oil press is a small oil press device dedicated to squeezing sesame oil, which is a kind of hydraulic press. The hydraulic sesame oil press has the advantages of simple operation, compact model and thorough pressing. The hydraulic sesame oil press is mainly used for pressing sesame, walnut, rape, peanut and other oil crops. It is currently an ideal choice for individual processing and oil presses.

The current sesame oil press is improved on the basis of the traditional manual hydraulic sesame oil press. It combines the advantages of the original oil press and retains the original fragrance of sesame oil during the pressing process, but it abandons the tradition. In the pressing mode, the operation is cumbersome, the oil output rate is low, and the loss is large. The operation can be freely operated during the operation, and the oil output rate can be accelerated to reduce the loss. The working principle of the hydraulic sesame oil press is to use the oil pressure from the pumping station to generate pressure between the piston and the upper top, so that the raw materials between the piston and the upper top are squeezed out of sesame oil under strong pressure.

 Hydraulic Sesame Oil Press

1. The whole hydraulic sesame oil press is mainly composed of three parts:

(1) The main body part:

It is composed of bottom plate, column, top plate, press assembly, oil pan, nut and other parts. It is one of the main parts of the whole machine. The oil is in the press assembly and is pushed upward by the force of the cylinder assembly. , The oil flows down from the oil gap of the hydraulic sesame oil press, and goes to the oil storage barrel through the oil pan.

(2) Transmission hydraulic part:

This is the main working power source for the hydraulic sesame oil press to produce high oil rates. It is composed of transmission shafts, worm gears, worms, gear pumps, high pressure pumps, relief valves, manual valves, cylinder assemblies, pipe joints and other parts. . It adopts the world's xj hydraulic pump station and three plunger pump station. Compared with the domestic two plunger pump, it has lower speed, higher oil pressure and high temperature resistance. It can work continuously without cooling device when the oil temperature is above 65 degrees.

(3) Electrical control part:

The electrical control part of the hydraulic sesame oil press is composed of components such as a motor, a voltmeter, a temperature control gauge, a pressure gauge, and power supply insurance.

Hydraulic Sesame Oil Press

2. Advantages of hydraulic sesame oil press:

(1) High oil output rate: Compared with old-fashioned oil press equipment, the normal oil output rate can be 2 to 3% higher.

(2) Energy saving: The power is reduced by 40% for the same amount of electricity, and based on an average saving of 6 kWh, the daily production can save 30 yuan in electricity costs.

(3) Labor saving: The same output can reduce labor by 60%, and 1 or 2 people can organize production, and daily production can save labor about 40 yuan.

(4) Wide application: It can squeeze more than 30 kinds of oil crops such as peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean.

3. Main assembly procedure of hydraulic sesame oil press:

(1) After assembling the bottom plate and column of the hydraulic sesame oil press, install it on the predetermined site. Then clean the base of the hydraulic sesame oil press, and install the oil cylinder on the bottom plate. When installing, pay attention to the direction of the oil cylinder port facing the back.

(2) When installing the cylinders on the columns on both sides of the hydraulic sesame oil press to connect to the oil pan, the fixing frame needs to be above the oil pan.

(3) The upper side barrel bracket of the oil receiving pan of the hydraulic sesame oil press is connected with the reinforcing ring and fixed with bolts.

(4) The bottom plate and perforated plate of the hydraulic sesame oil press are placed on the oil pan. When installing the barrel, avoid bumping other connecting parts.

(5) After installing the top plate of the hydraulic sesame oil press, use a special tool to firm the nut, loosen 1/4 turn after tightening, and tighten the fastening bolts. The left nut is locked, and the top plate bracket is installed on the bolt.

(6) The oil outlet pipe of the pump box should be firmly connected with the oil inlet. Turn on the heater power and connect the control circuit at the same time.

(7) When the power supply is 380V, 2P of the two wires of the electrical box is connected to the 220V power supply, and 3P is connected to the 380V power supply. After the hydraulic sesame oil press is assembled, add the prepared hydraulic oil.

 Hydraulic Sesame Oil Press

4. Operating procedures of hydraulic sesame oil press

(1) Turn on the power of the hydraulic sesame oil press: open the top plate of the main engine and put in the filter pad. Put in the fried sesame oil. Put in the filter mat and cover with the mat. (Be careful not to put hard materials such as hammers in), put the upper backing plate, and cover the top plate.

(2) Turn the working switch of the hydraulic sesame oil press to the automatic position and press the working button to work. (If the joystick is in the unloading position, the main engine piston will not work)

(3) After the hydraulic sesame oil press works normally, the main engine starts to press oil. When the pointer of the pressure gauge points to 60mpa, the pump stops working and the pressure gauge drops. When the pointer points to 54mpa, the pump automatically starts to work. When it reaches 60mpa, the pump starts to work. It stops automatically again. After repeated several times, the interval between starting and stopping of the hydraulic sesame oil press is getting longer and longer. When the oil in the lower part of the barrel drops one drop every 3-4 seconds, all the oil pressing ends.

(4) After the hydraulic sesame oil press is finished, press the stop switch of the pump and pull the joystick. When there is a gap between the top plate of the main engine and the column, open the top cover and push the joystick to stop unloading at the same time.

(5) Then press the start button of the hydraulic sesame oil press, the main machine starts to work, and the oil cake starts to move up. After the oil residue is removed from the barrel, the machine stops working. After the oil cake is taken out, a job is completed.

(6) Fully fry sesame and other oil materials, and squeeze the oil after completely exhausting smoke.