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5t/h hydraulic palm double screw oil press

September 15, 2021

Palm double screw oil press is also called hydraulic palm double screw oil press because it is controlled by a hydraulic system. He mainly drives the palm double screw oil press to continuously operate by changing the pressure and increasing the force. The palm double screw oil press has the characteristics of scientific design, reasonable structure, simple operation, safety and stability, high oil yield, and low residual oil rate in the cake. It is especially suitable for medium-sized palm pressing plants.

Palm oil

1. Working principle of 5t/h palm double screw oil press:

When the palm double-screw oil press is running, the steam-heated mashed oil enters the press chamber from the hopper. The double squeezing screw makes the material continuously push inward for squeezing. Since the semi-fluid material is in motion in the press chamber of the palm oil press, under the action of the internal pressure of the press chamber and the double spiral squeezing in the middle, the material and the double press screw, the material and the press chamber A great squeezing force is generated between them, so that squeezing friction between the material feeds can be generated, resulting in relative movement. On the other hand, because the distance between the squeezing screws is gradually reduced, when the double squeezing screw rotates in the middle, the screw threads enable the material to advance forward and squeeze and flip toward the middle. With the rotation of the press shaft, each material particle in the press chamber moves towards the middle of the double squeezing screw, so that the material space is continuously compressed, and the small spacing of the double screw is larger than the size of the core in the material, which not only helps to promote The oil in the oilseeds flows out from the gaps in the round rows and the gaps in the rows, and under the protection of the fiber wrap after the oil is pressed, the integrity of the palm nucleus is ensured, which is convenient for the post-processing of the palm nucleus.


hydraulic palm double screw oil press

2. Technical parameters of 5t/h palm double screw oil press:


Device name

Palm double screw oil press

Processing capacity:

5 tons/hour





Rotating speed:


Work pressure:


Product advantages:

Save manpower, small footprint, thorough squeezing, high oil yield

Our 5t/h palm double-screw oil press is mostly used in medium-sized palm pressing plants. It is usually used in conjunction with palm sterilization equipment, palm threshing machines, palm crushing equipment, palm oil clarification equipment, palm oil drying equipment and other equipment to make palm The fat in the fruit can be extracted quickly by pressing.

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