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Main features of rapeseed oil press

September 16, 2021

Rapeseed, also called rapeseed, is mainly produced in northern China. It is an oil crop with a high oil yield. The rapeseed oil press is developed by Henan Dongying Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the characteristics of rapeseed. The seed has a higher oil output rate, and has automatic temperature control, which can preheat the press chamber during the squeezing process to speed up the oil output rate.

 rapeseed oil press

   Features of rapeseed oil press:

   1. High-efficiency and energy-saving-the same product reduces electric power by 40%.

   2. High oil output rate-compared with old-fashioned oil pressing equipment, normal oil output can be 3-5 percentage points higher, speeding up annual economic benefits.

   3. Labor saving-rapeseed oil press adopts automatic temperature control, high degree of automation, simple operation, only 1-2 people can operate it.

   4. Pure grease-centrifugal filtration to ensure that the oil is pure, not beneficial to the pot and frothy.

   5. Small footprint-the rapeseed oil press has a reasonable and compact structure, and it only needs 10-20 square meters to start an oil workshop.

   6. Versatility-one machine can be used for multiple purposes, and it can squeeze more than 20 kinds of vegetable oils.

   The process of squeezing rapeseed oil by rapeseed oil press:

   1. Hot pressing: rapeseed→cleaning→frying seeds→pressing→filtering→finished oil

   2. Cold pressing: rapeseed→cleaning→pressing→filtering→finished oil


  Maintenance and maintenance of rapeseed oil press:

 When we use oil press equipment to squeeze oil crops, we need to keep the equipment clean and hygienic, because it is not only for the appearance of our equipment, but also for consumers to maintain the hygiene of the oil when they come to our oil press to extract oil. , We also often wipe and maintain the rapeseed oil press equipment. So how to maintain is correct, so today we will talk about how to keep the oil press equipment clean and hygienic. At first, after we finish pressing the oil every day, we need to wipe the surface of the rapeseed oil press with a rag. It is easier to wipe while the equipment is still warm, but then we can wipe the surface of the machine with warm water, because the equipment is It is a special material just now, so don't worry about the equipment will rust, these are daily maintenance and cleaning. As long as this is achieved, our equipment will be as bright as new after a few years of use. So if one year's work is over at the end of the year, the equipment will not be used until May and June of the next year, and the interval is several months, what should be done? Then we have to clean the machine. Take out the screw shaft, wipe it clean, remove the strip, and soak it in warm water for cleaning. After cleaning, dry it and save it. When the machine is used again, Install the strip and restore the machine to normal. These are the normal maintenance of the machine, provided that you have to be proficient in the assembly of the equipment.