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A set of oil refining equipment can refine a variety of oils, saving investment and creating benefits for the oil plant

September 09, 2021

The equipment and technology used in the production of different types of oils in oil plants are also different. Large-scale oil plants have many production lines, and different types of oils can be produced separately. However, for the current small-scale oil plants, the investment budget is limited, and it is impossible to establish a production line for each type of oil. At this time, the applicability of oil equipment becomes particularly important. It's important.

 oil refining equipment

A set of oil refining equipment can refine a variety of edible oils

Oil refining equipment is inseparable from oil refining equipment. Refining equipment generally includes degumming, deacidification, dehydration, decolorization, and deodorization. Some oils contain more wax, so you need to add a set of dewaxing after the deodorization process. equipment. These processes can be increased or decreased by different types of fats and oils and different grades of fats required. Oil refining equipment can remove impurities such as phospholipids, free fatty acids, pigments, pesticide residues, and metal residues in oils, as well as some harmful elements in oils, such as aflatoxins. Moisture, phospholipids, etc. will promote hydrolysis and rancidity of oils, free fatty acids, aflatoxins, etc. are harmful to the human body. The oil after refining and removal can meet the quality standard of edible oil and is allowed to be sold in the market.

The refining steps of most fats and oils are the same, but the production process is slightly changed according to the nature of the oil. But the main process is still six processes including degumming and deacidification. Therefore, different types of oils can be refined using the same set of refining equipment, which can save investment costs and increase the utilization rate of refining equipment.

Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of oil machinery and equipment. A set of refined oil equipment can process dozens of oils such as soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, tea seed oil, corn oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, etc. The equipment investment cost improves the efficiency of the oil plant.

Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery has been committed to the production and research and development of grain and oil machinery for more than 20 years, and has a relatively in-depth understanding of oil equipment. Standardized production workshop, mature equipment manufacturing technology, to provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective oil refining equipment. For more than 20 years, we have served more than 1,000 oil plants, and our products have been sold to more than a dozen countries, and have been well received by customers at home and abroad!

oil refining equipment

The main products of Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery include: complete sets of oil refining equipment, complete sets of leaching equipment, squeezing equipment and other oil machinery equipment. The main oil refining equipment includes soybean oil refining equipment, peanut oil refining equipment, rapeseed oil refining equipment, walnut oil refining equipment, etc. Various specifications and models meet the needs of different customers and support customer customization. We also provide customers with plant design drawings, equipment location drawings, process flow diagrams, equipment package installation, and teaching technology for free. One-stop service to solve the technical problems of grease for customers. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.