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Peanut oil refining equipment, physical refining to retain the flavor of peanut oil

September 09, 2021

Peanuts are oilseeds with high oil content. A single squeezing method and a leaching method cannot minimize the residual oil in the peanut meal. Therefore, peanut oil is generally prepared by a pre-pressing leaching process. First squeeze 80-89% of the oil in peanuts through a squeezing device, then crush the squeezed peanut meal to a certain size, and extract the remaining oil with a peanut oil extraction device. The pre-expression leaching method can fully extract the fat in the oil, and can also improve the production efficiency of the leaching equipment.

 peanut oil

Peanut oil produced by the leaching method needs to be refined by peanut oil refining equipment to remove various impurities in the crude oil. According to the different refining processes, it can be divided into physical refining and chemical refining. Chemical refining is suitable for any oil and has many applications. Physical refining has the advantages of simple process flow, saving raw materials, no saponification and emulsification of neutral oil during processing, high refining power, high oil quality, and no waste water pollution, so it is gradually used in production.

Pressed peanut oil has a strong aroma and comprehensive nutrients. Therefore, in order to keep the fatty acids in the oil from being severely damaged in the peanut oil refining equipment, physical refining is usually used to separate the impurities in the oil.

Peanut oil refining is mainly to reduce the acid value in the fat and to separate the phospholipid substances in the fat. During the refining process, the crude oil can be heated and mixed with phosphoric acid or citric acid solution, and the reaction is left for a period of time before adding a suitable amount of water. Centrifuge separation. Or after a simple treatment, the temperature is lowered to a suitable temperature and then directly enters the decolorization section, and the gum in the grease is separated from the pigment material together by the adsorption effect of the adsorbent, so as to achieve a good refining effect.

Peanut oil refining equipment

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