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Four advantages of physical refining process of peanut oil refining equipment

September 09, 2021

Peanuts are oil crops with high oil content. A single squeezing method and a leaching method cannot maximize the efficiency of oil extraction. Therefore, the production of peanut oil generally uses a pre-extraction leaching process. First squeeze 80-89% of the oil in peanuts through a squeezing device, then crush the squeezed peanut meal to a certain size, and extract the remaining oil with a peanut oil extraction device. The pre-expression leaching method can fully extract the fat in the oil, and can also improve the production efficiency of the leaching equipment.

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Crude peanut oil extracted by squeezing method or extraction method also needs to be refined by peanut oil refining equipment to remove various impurities in the crude oil. The presence of phospholipids, proteins, free fatty acids, pigments, trace elements and other impurities in peanut oil will reduce the quality of peanut oil. It will also cause hydrolysis and rancidity of peanut oil, which will affect the storage of oil.

1. Less consumption of auxiliary materials; fatty acids can be directly obtained by distillation and deacidification. No alkali is used, soap is not produced, and oil does not need to be washed with water. It is no longer necessary to use acid to deacidify soapstock and prepare fatty acids. It avoids the sewage formed by acid-base treatment and reduces the pollution of the sewage to the environment.

2. The process is simple and the equipment is small; deacidification and deodorization are combined into one process in the same equipment; the oil is not washed with water; the soapstock treatment section is omitted, so the process is simplified and the operating cost is low.

3. High refining rate; no neutral oil saponification loss and emulsification loss. The higher the acid value, the more obvious this advantage. With physical refining, the oil loss can be reduced to less than 1.05% to 1.1%.

4. The product quality is good; the product oil has good stability, and the quality of the fatty acids directly obtained during distillation (containing 85% to 90% free fatty acids) is better than the fatty acids obtained by acid hydrolysis and distillation after alkali refining.

Pressed peanut oil has a strong aroma and comprehensive nutrients. Therefore, in order to keep the fatty acids in the oil from being severely damaged during the refining process, physical refining is usually used to separate the impurities in the oil.

The purpose of peanut oil refining is mainly to reduce the acid value in the oil and to separate the phospholipids in the oil. During the refining process, the crude oil can be heated and mixed with phosphoric acid or citric acid solution, and the reaction is left for a period of time before adding an appropriate amount of water and mixing. Then enter the centrifuge for separation. Or after a simple treatment, the temperature is lowered to a suitable temperature and then directly enters the decolorization section, and the gum in the grease is separated from the pigment material together by the adsorption effect of the adsorbent, so as to achieve a good refining effect.

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