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Five advantages of semi-continuous refining equipment

September 09, 2021

Oil refining equipment is one of the indispensable oil equipment in oil plants. Crude oil produced by pressing or leaching methods must pass through oil refining equipment to remove impurities in the oil before it can meet edible oil quality standards and enter the market for sale. Refining equipment can be divided into batch refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment, and continuous refining equipment according to different processing processes. Today we will talk about semi-continuous refining equipment.

The degumming, deacidification and decolorization processes in the process flow of the semi-continuous refining equipment are carried out in batches, and the deodorization process is carried out continuously, which can ensure the efficiency of refining and reduce the budget of refining, which is especially suitable For large and medium-sized grease manufacturers with high requirements for grease efficiency and quality, but limited budgets.

 semi-continuous refining equipment

The advantages of semi-continuous refining equipment are as follows:

1. It is suitable for the refining of a variety of oils, which is conducive to the user's business development.

2. The independent design of each refining stage is conducive to the later expansion of the production scale.

3. The use cost is low, heating fuel is saved, and the oil yield of refined oil is high.

4. The refined oil is of high grade, and the user controls the operation at each stage according to the requirements to make the refined oil reach the expected standard.

5. PLC control can be provided.

 semi-continuous refining equipment

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