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Abrasion resistance method of screw oil press

September 23, 2021

       The abrasion of the sliver of the screw press causes the failure of the cake ring. What are the ways to improve the abrasion resistance of the squeeze of the screw press?

screw oil press

       Screw press squeezer disassembly: Lift the body, use a square iron (or waste squeezer) and a hammer to hit one of the four-sided squeezed slivers to make it fall off, and the rest of the squeezes will follow. It falls off. Use the same method to remove the low pressure section. Clean the front and rear support seats, the inner hole of the heating ring, the squeezing bar and the cake outlet of the machine body. Installation: The press bar is divided into high and low pressure sections to form a press chamber. There are two types of shapes: A and B. Type A squeezer is a square shape. The oil line of Type A squeezed rod has deep, shallow, long and short openings, and the deeper end of the oil line must be installed at the end near the body inlet , Arranged in the order of longest first then shortest from the feed port, and must not be installed upside down. The B-type sliver has a hexagonal shape and no oil line.

       Improve the easy-wearing finish to reduce deformation items; make surface treatments for the easy-wearing surface, such as plating or coating, to improve its corrosion resistance; reasonably select workpiece materials and improve the hardness and toughness of easy-to-wear parts, such as white mouth Cast iron press snails have overall high hardness and high hardness carbides, which are more wear-resistant than carburized steel; the press rods are made into press rings or other structural forms to reduce friction; the press section and the cake ring are pressed The screw is changed into a set type so that it is easy to replace after wear; the multi-stage press is changed to a one-time press to ensure the stability of the pressure in the press chamber.