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What to do if there is oil in the screw press cake

September 23, 2021

        Customers sometimes encounter the phenomenon of oil in the cake when using the screw oil press to squeeze crops. Here are some tips to solve the cause and treatment of the oil in the cake.

        1. There is a gap when the snail is loose

        The screw of the screw press has a locking handle to fix the screw. When adjusting the thickness of the oil cake, the locking handle must be loosened, and it must be locked after adjustment. Sometimes, the screw press will shake the lock handle loose for a long time, or if the operator does not lock the handle after adjustment, the screw will loosen. If the screw is loose, there will be a gap between the screw and the extrusion head. The oil in the press chamber will be taken out with the oil cake, just tighten the lock handle.

        2. There are scars on the pressed snails or the pressed strips themselves

        Then there will be crevices, and the oil will seep out from the crevices. At this time, it is necessary to repair the snails or replace the accessories.

        3. The temperature is too high during frying

        The oil is charred on the outside and tender on the inside. Don't underestimate the fried ingredients. There is a saying in our industry called "seven-point fried, three-point squeeze". Stir-frying is essential.

        4. The oil line gap of the screw press is too narrow

        The oil cannot flow out of the oil line in time and can only be taken away by the cake. If this happens, just re-arrange the squeezing strips.

        The above is the solution to the oil in the screw press cake. When you encounter these small faults, you must not take it for granted. Follow the correct method and communicate with the oil press manufacturer in time.

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