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Analysis of materials needed for household oil press

September 23, 2021

oil press

As we all know, if you want to eat pure edible oil, the raw materials for oil extraction and the storage of edible oil also play an important role in your diet. The taste and nutrition of edible oil squeezed from different raw materials are also different. Of course, how to store the squeezed out in the later stage also has an important influence on the oil. Northeast rice is delicious because of its long growth cycle. Free-range chickens are more fragrant than modern broilers because of the long growth cycle. Beet with long growth cycle has higher sugar content. Edible oil has higher natural nutritional value because of the different growth cycles of raw materials. Of points.

Peanut sowing is generally carried out in late May half a month before the wheat harvest, and the harvest is generally in September, with a growth cycle of 3 to 4 months. Soybeans generally start planting at the end of May and early June, bloom in early July, set pods at the end of July, and deciduous in late August. In September, soybeans basically complete their full pod stage and enter the harvest period. The growth cycle time is also about 3.4 months. The growth cycle of sunflower seeds is about four months.

Wild camellia oil fruit trees can only begin to bear fruit five years after they are planted. They begin to grow buds in spring, bloom in autumn, and bear fruit in autumn and winter. The fruits are ripe in the second year of autumn. The same plant is a spectacle. The growth cycle of wild camellia fruit is about 19 to 20 months. At present, the growth cycle of oil crops is long and the nutritional value is also proven to be high.

Storage of edible oil

Edible oil contains a kind of linoleic acid, which is easy to chemically react with oxygen in the air. This phenomenon is called "oil oxidation". The method to prevent it is to pay attention to the following points during storage.

1. Avoid light, choose green or brown glass bottles or ceramic utensils;

2. Isolate the air and clean and dry the oil container. Tighten the cork or cap tightly after filling the oil. Does not create conditions for oxidation of oil;

3. Remove impurities in the oil in time, and pay special attention not to bring water into the oil. The water that has been mixed in should be heated to evaporate before bottling.

4. Vitamin E is a good antioxidant. You can use a vitamin E (capsule, add 500ml of cooking oil to 500ml of cooking oil after puncture, stir well to prevent the cooking oil from going bad. You can also put three ten thousandths in the oil. The cloves or two ten-thousandths of ginger can also prevent the smell);

5. Keep the oil container in a cool and ventilated place to prevent overheating and sun exposure;

6. Since linoleic acid causes the oil to change its taste, choosing edible oil with low linoleic acid content is the fundamental solution;

7. Choosing edible oil rich in vitamin E is also a solution;

Therefore, when using oil press equipment, we must not only match the raw materials, but also store the later oil accordingly. In order to make your family feel more at ease in a green life.