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Automatic flax oil press

September 16, 2021

The automatic flax oil press is a kind of screw oil press equipment that is widely used at present, and belongs to a kind of screw oil press products. The flax oil press has the advantages of large continuous processing capacity, short dynamic pressing time, high oil yield, and low labor intensity. The main part of the automatic flax oil press is the press chamber, which is composed of the same press sliver and a screw shaft rotating in the press sliver.

The working process of the automatic flax oil press uses the reduction of the screw lead of the screw shaft or the gradual increase in the diameter of the root circle, so that the volume of the press chamber of the automatic flax oil press is continuously reduced to produce a squeezing effect; The squeezed out in the gap of the sliver, and at the same time, the residue is pressed into crumb-like cakes, which are continuously discharged from the end of the press shaft of the oil press.

The automatic flax oil press is mainly composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filtering. The snails are made of alloy steel by carburizing treatment to enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; the fully automatic flax oil press is ground by a surface grinder to ensure the accuracy of the oil line and speed up the oil yield; power distribution, vacuum, automatic heating, etc. Standard components, optimized machine configuration; the surface of the fully automatic flax oil press is made of stainless steel and chrome-plated, which meets food hygiene standards.

 Automatic flax oil press

1. Precautions for purchasing a fully automatic flax oil press:

(1) Try to choose from the fully automatic flax oil press manufacturers that need the scale and strength. Usually, the powerful oil press manufacturers can develop fully automatic flax oil presses that can catch up with the technology and have good quality. Ensure the quality of the oil press, and the after-sales service is relatively sound.

(2) Choose the type of oil press that suits you. Automatic flax oil press equipment mainly includes hydraulic oil press and screw oil press. Hydraulic oil press has been gradually replaced by screw oil press. The current market There are many names for oil presses, including automatic oil presses, multi-function oil presses, vacuum oil presses, new oil presses, fine filter oil presses, etc., all of which are actually screw presses. For the vast majority of users, you can choose a screw press, and the automatic flax press is a type of screw press.

(3) When purchasing a fully automatic flax oil press, the user needs to personally visit the oil press manufacturer. The user can personally visit the oil press manufacturer to directly understand the scale and strength of the oil press manufacturer, and at the same time to see the oil press with his own eyes. More importantly, you can communicate your needs with the manufacturer in order to buy the ideal automatic flax oil press.

 Automatic flax oil press

2. Performance characteristics of automatic flax oil press:

(1) The high oil output rate of the fully automatic flax oil press: Adopting directional pressure, multi-stage advancement and one-time squeezing, the oil output rate is greatly accelerated.

(2) The production capacity of the fully automatic flax press is large: the feeding system is strengthened, the advancement speed is increased, and the work efficiency is reasonably accelerated.

(3) Automatic temperature control: electronic program control, scientific heating, and automatic control of pressing temperature.

(4) Automatic oil filtering: The automatic flax oil press uses the principle of negative air pressure, adopts vacuum splitter technology, and has a built-in vacuum splitter to reasonably separate the oil and residue.

(5) Safe and convenient: exquisite structure, less space occupied; transmission system adopts fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation.

(6) Beautiful and generous: The machine table of the fully automatic flax oil press is made by electrostatic spraying of new materials, with strong adhesion, grease resistance and high temperature resistance.