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Soybean screw oil press

September 16, 2021

Soybean screw oil press is a kind of fully automatic oil pressing equipment that is more popular in the oil pressing market. It is a domestic technology introduced in Korea more than ten years ago. It uses vacuum filtration and automatic temperature control. The oil produced by the soybean screw press is of good quality. The taste is fragrant and the oil yield is still high. Now it is mainly used for processing in rural areas. Or it is used for on-site processing in urban areas, so that it seems that the production is more transparent and makes customers more assured. It is of great benefit to the development of business.

The soybean screw oil press can squeeze a variety of oil crops, including peanuts, soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed and so on. Especially peanut oil and sesame oil, because the price is more expensive. There are often counterfeit and leached oils in the market, which are harmful to health. Therefore, the on-site processing method is more to achieve the needs of users who value the genuine products at a reasonable price. It is now the main way of use in urban areas.


When the soybean screw oil press is running, the processed oil enters the press chamber from the hopper. The raw material is continuously pushed inward by the squeezing screw for squeezing. Because the material embryo is in motion in the press chamber of the oil press, under the condition of high pressure in the press chamber, a great frictional resistance is generated between the material embryo and the snail, and the material embryo and the press chamber. It can cause friction between the micro-materials of the embryonic material and cause relative movement. On the other hand, because the diameter of the root circle of the soybean screw press is gradually increasing and the pitch is gradually decreasing, so when the screw is rotated, the screw thread can push forward and turn outward. At the same time, the material layer near the surface of the screw thread also rotates with the press shaft. In this way, each embryo particle in the press chamber does not move at the same speed and in the same direction, but there is also relative movement between the particles. The heat generated by the friction realizes the heat required for the operation of the oil extraction process, which helps to promote the thermal denaturation of the protein in the raw material, destroys the colloid, increases the plasticity, and reduces the viscosity, which is easy to precipitate oil. Speed ​​up the oil output rate of the soybean screw oil press, so that the oil in the material is squeezed out and flows out from the gaps in the circular row and the gap in the row.

1. Technical parameters of soybean screw press:


processing  capacity (kg/h)

Power (kw)




























 2. Advantages of soybean spiral oil press:

(1) High oil output rate:

Compared with the old-fashioned equipment, the normal oil output rate can be 2 to 3% higher, and every 100 catties of peanuts processed can increase by 2-6 catties on average. The annual economic benefits are very considerable.

(2) Energy saving:

The electric power is reduced by 40% for the same output. Calculated by saving 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity per hour, the daily production can save 30 yuan in electricity bills.

(3) Provincial labor:

The same output can save 60% of labor, and 1 to 2 people can organize production, which can save about 40 yuan in labor per day.

(4) Wide use:

One machine with multiple functions, the soybean screw oil press can squeeze more than 30 kinds of oil crops such as peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean and so on. Multi-stage squeezing, squeezing clean at once.

(5) Pure oil:

The soybean screw oil press vacuum filters the residue to ensure the purity of the oil and meet the sanitary and quarantine standards.

(6) Small area:

The oil mill needs 10-20 square meters to be used.

Screw oil press

(7) Innovative conception and electromechanical integration:

The design is scientific, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, and the operation is safe and stable. The soybean screw oil press adopts a fully automatic device, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the finished product at a time from feeding.

(8) Excellent material and precise craftsmanship:

The soybean spiral oil press is made of high-carbon steel, high-frequency quenching and heat-resistant treatment. It has high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, and accelerates the service life of the soybean spiral oil press. The time can be as long as several decades.

(9) Reasonable pressing and high oil output rate:

The soybean screw oil press adopts the principle of multi-stage propulsion and gradual pressurization, so that the pressure in the press chamber is increased rapidly, so that the oil is fissioned and separated at one time, and then the infrared temperature control system is used to automatically control the pressing temperature and moisture, so that the oil is directly softened and activated. The oil molecule is stable in pressing, and it is exhausted at one time, which greatly accelerates the oil yield.

(10) The temperature-controlled frying material is automatically poured out:

The quality of stir-frying directly affects the quality and yield of oil products. There is a saying of "three-point pressing, seven-point stir-frying", which shows the importance of stir-frying in the oil extraction process, and the key to stir-frying is The quality and equipment of the frying machine.

(11) Suitable for all seasons without restriction:

The soybean screw oil press is not restricted by the climate, and is suitable for all seasons in the north and south. Because the oil pan device adopts a heating temperature control system, it can automatically adjust the temperature of the crude oil according to the ambient temperature to achieve the effect of rapid fine filtration, so it is not affected by the season. , The influence of climate, can squeeze operation all year round.

(12) Energy-saving fine filtration, fast and convenient:

The soybean screw oil press adopts a variety of fine filtration system devices, which increase the oil filtering pressure and speed up the temperature of the crude oil. The new oil guide technology, automatic filtration, pure oil, oil filtration and pressing are carried out simultaneously, greatly speeding up It is convenient and practical, which is the ideal choice for the majority of users.

(13) More squeezers, one machine for multiple purposes:

Regardless of the differences in climatic conditions across the country, the effect of realizing the oil output after starting up is truly achieved. The soybean screw oil press adopts a forced feeding device, which has a uniform feeding speed and a fast pressing speed. It can more squeeze peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, Oil sunflower, flax seed, camellia seed, cotton seed and other oil crops.

3. Reference table of oil output rate of soybean screw press:


Weight (kg)

Oil output rate (%)

Oil production (kg)

 Cake production

peanut kernel


42-52 is calculated at 48%



Big beans


13-19 is calculated at 15%





34-44 is calculated at 38%



Oil sunflower


35-48 is calculated at 41%





45-55 is calculated at 50%



4. Maintenance and maintenance of soybean screw press

Soybean screw oil press should check the lubrication after every 50 hours of work. The oil cup above the reduction box must not be short of oil. Soybean screw press screw shaft adjustment screw inner bearing should be filled with butter once every shift from the adjustment screw hole. Dry grinding. The oil quality of the gearbox needs to be checked once a year. If it is found to be deteriorated, all the oil should be replaced. The lubricating parts of the soybean screw press should be protected from dust and other impurities. When the soybean screw press is used to squeeze the oil, the squeezing capacity is reduced, and when the cake or the oil is abnormal, the squeezing screw shaft should be drawn out, and the wear of the squeezing screw, squeezing strip and cake ring should be checked, and the worn parts should be replaced in time . After each use of the soybean screw oil press, the residual cake in the machine should be removed, and the dust and grease on the surface of the machine should be wiped off. When storing for a long time after the end of the production season, the soybean screw oil press should be maintained once, and the snails, pressed strips, and cake rings should be disassembled, washed and re-oiled, and placed in a dry place.