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Automatic oil press supporting equipment-bucket elevator

September 26, 2021

oil press

With the development of science and technology, our oil press manufacturers have also been making progress. As we all know, fully automatic oil presses have gradually replaced semi-automatic oil presses, and mechanical equipment has gradually replaced labor in the oil press. Everyone knows that the height of the fully automatic screw oil press is at least about 2 meters. In this way, feeding will naturally become a laborious task. Lift the processed oil to a two-meter high hopper and then slowly unload it. It's very tired. But there are always more solutions than difficulties. Human wisdom is endless. With the birth of hoisting machines, the operation of screw presses has become much simpler.


        Bucket elevator is an indispensable supporting equipment in the production process of screw oil press equipment. If it fails, it will have a great impact on the production efficiency of the screw oil press. How to solve it if it fails? When you encounter a problem, first investigate the cause and prescribe the right medicine.

        The cause of the failure of the bucket elevator and the corresponding solutions:


        1. The cause of the failure: the bottom plate of the bucket elevator base and the chain bucket are in frictional contact.

           Quick solution: Just adjust the elastic device of the base and tension the chain.


        2. The cause of the failure: The drive shaft and driven shaft keys of the bucket elevator are loose, and the sprocket is displaced, causing friction between the chain bucket and the casing.

           Quick solution: need to adjust the sprocket so that it is in the original position and tighten the key.


        3. The cause of the failure: there is material between the guide plate of the bucket elevator and the chain bucket or friction with the chain bucket.

           Quick solution: If there is material, increase the material input angle; if it is friction, adjust the position of the guide plate to keep a proper distance between the chain bucket.


        4. The cause of the fault: the bucket elevator bearing is faulty.

           Quick solution: Lubricate the bearing, if it doesn't work, you need to replace it with a new one.


        5. The cause of the failure: There is foreign matter in the bucket elevator chassis, or the chassis is installed improperly.

           Quick solution: Shut down to clean up foreign objects to ensure that the machine base is clean. The cabinet should be installed vertically, and it needs to be adjusted if it is irregular.


        6. The cause of the failure: the tooth shape of the sprocket of the bucket elevator is incorrect or out of gear.

           Quick solution: the tooth profile needs to be corrected, if serious, it needs to be replaced.