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How to extend the life of screw press?

September 26, 2021

    How to extend the service life of the oil press is a problem that consumers are more concerned about, because this can save a lot of costs and allow the oil press to serve us longer.

 screw press

   Oil press, like cars and motorcycles, has a running-in period, and this running-in period is very important for later use. The new equipment has just left the factory, and some of the joints of the snails and the stalks are not too smooth, and the joints need to be smoothed during use, so that it will be more convenient to use in the future. During the running-in period of the oil press, it is best to use more rapeseed cake for running-in. The running-in oil press for rapeseed cake has the best effect and is fast. During the running-in period of the oil press, the pressure should not be too high, that is, the cake should not be too thin. After the running-in period, the thickness of the cake can be gradually adjusted. The thickness of the cake during the running-in period is more than one millimeter.


  There is also temperature. Temperature is not only an important factor in determining the oil yield, but also the wear of the wearing parts. Some operators may be eager to start the machine to make money, and start the press without waiting for the temperature to reach the specified degree. Although it can be pressed normally, it will shorten the service life of the oil press. There are also some things that need to pay attention to regular maintenance of the oil press, such as regularly checking whether the gearbox is short of oil, whether the bearings of various parts are short of oil, if there are abnormal noises in some parts, it is likely that the bearings are short of oil, and they should be added in time. Note. In short, no matter how good the quality of the oil press, it also needs the care of the operator to maximize its service life.