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How to distinguish the quality of the oil squeezed by the oil press?

September 26, 2021

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With the development of the country and the advancement of science and technology, the number of manufacturers of oil presses has increased a lot in recent years, and users have more choices. However, it is still a blind choice for many laymen to buy oil presses. For many users, there is a common psychology, that is, it is only better than price but not quality. First of all, we know that the nutritional content of each oil is different. There are many kinds of edible vegetable oil in daily life, and the current food we eat There are also many varieties of edible oil, so how should we distinguish the quality of the oil?


Such as the following three aspects:


   1. Smell the fragrance of oil. Dip a little oil with your fingers, rub it on the palm of your hand, and smell the smell after rubbing. Good quality oil generally has no other peculiar smell except for the smell that the respective plant itself should have. If there is a peculiar smell, it indicates that the quality of the oil is not good or deteriorated.


   2. Tasting. Dip a little oil with chopsticks and rub it on your tongue to distinguish it. Normal quality oil has no peculiar smell. If the oil has a bitter, spicy, sour, hemp and other taste, it means that it has deteriorated, and the quality of the burnt oil is not good.


   3. Heating identification. Edible vegetable oil with high water content will produce a lot of foam when heated, and make a squeaking sound. When the oil fume has a choking bitterness, it means that the oil is rancid. Good quality oil should have less foam and disappear quickly.


Next, let's understand the factors that affect the quality of the oil pressed by the oil press: the temperature problem is a big influence. For example, in the manufacturing process, the temperature problem is a big influence. If the temperature is too high, the water contained in it will evaporate, resulting in less water content. If the temperature is too low, there will be too much moisture in the actual manufacturing process. There is also the close degree of protein denaturation, and the structure of the oil press equipment and its selection, etc., which all have a very important impact on oil quality.


The use of the oil press still plays a very important role in our lives, and we hope that the majority of users should provide comprehensive and specific parameters when choosing to purchase oil press equipment, so that you can choose the right oil press. equipment.