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Belt conveyors

September 14, 2021

Belt conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment, commonly used in large-scale palm oil processing projects. After the palm fruit bunches are peeled off, the empty fruit bunches are transported to the outside of the factory by a belt conveyor, generally for a long distance.

Belt conveyors

1. Belt conveyor structure

The belt conveyor is mainly composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a belt roller, a tensioning device, and a transmission device. The captain and assembly form are determined according to the specific project requirements, and the transmission device can also be selected, which can use electric rollers or a drive device with a drive frame. Generally speaking, bandwidth is the main technical parameter of belt conveyor.

2. The basic working principle of belt conveyor

Driven by the motor, the closed endless conveyor belt runs continuously by the friction between the conveyor belt and the driving roller, and the empty fruit bunches are transported from the loading end to the unloading end for stacking storage or loading and pulling away.

 Belt conveyors

3. Features of Belt Conveyor

(1) The transportation capacity is large, and the width of the belt can be selected according to the needs of the project.

(2) Low power consumption, low working resistance and low production cost.

(3) Suitable for long-distance transportation, low noise, safe and reliable.

Conveying equipment is indispensable in various grease projects, and each type of conveying equipment has different uses, and is generally selected according to the project plan designed by the engineer. Henan Zhongxing's engineer team can provide you with specific edible oil production project design plans. If necessary, please contact us for a quote.