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What is the process of palm fruit (oil palm) oil extraction? What equipment is needed?

September 14, 2021

The conventional process and process of palm fruit oil extraction involves 6 steps: raw material receiving, sterilization, fruit removal, mashing, pressing, oil clarification and drying. Depending on the processing capacity of the factory, you will be equipped with a simple or standard palm oil press production line. Different versions of the press production line require different equipment. If you are also planning to invest in palm oil production, it is an indispensable link to understand the conventional process and process of palm fruit oil extraction and its supporting equipment. Next, Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery will introduce the palm oil pressing production line in detail through this article.

 process of palm fruit

Conventional technology and process of palm fruit oil extraction:

Palm fruit bunches-raw material receiving-sterilization-threshing-mashing-pressing-oil clarification and drying


Step 1 Receipt of raw materials

The truck transports the mature palm fruit bunches collected in the palm orchard to the oil crushing plant. After the weighing and recording of the loadometer, the fruit bunches are poured into the unloading platform to wait for the next operation.


Step 2 Sterilization

The palm fruit skewers enter the sterilization tank through a screw conveyor, and steam the lipase in the pulp after being steamed at a high temperature to prevent the free fatty acid content in the oil from increasing. On the other hand, high-temperature sterilization can make the fruit soft and facilitate mechanical threshing.


Step 3 Dessert the fruit

The fruit bunch enters the drum threshing machine for fruit threshing processing, the oil palm fruit is separated from the fruit bunch, the separated oil palm fruit enters the crushing and pressing station, and the empty fruit bunch is discharged from the other end of the drum to the pile field.


Step 4 mash

The oil palm fruit enters the mashing tank, and steam is heated to make the pulp soft. At the same time, the palm fruit is mashed under the impact of the stirring rod and the collision of the baffle. After mashing, the pulp and the pit are separated, and the cell structure of the pulp is destroyed, which is more conducive to pressing.


Step 5 squeeze

The crushed palm fruit enters the palm oil double-screw oil press for squeezing. After pressing, two parts are obtained: a mixture of oil, water, solid impurities and a pressed cake (a mixture of fiber and core). The mixture of oil, water, and solid impurities flows into the oil clarification section through the crude oil tank; the pressed cake enters the palm kernel recovery section.


Step 6 oil clarification and drying

The crude palm oil is separated from the mixture of oil, water, and solid impurities through clarification equipment to remove other impurities. After clarification and separation, the crude palm oil is vacuum dried and pumped into a temporary storage tank for storage.


The above is the complete palm oil extraction process and process, and the next is the simple version and standard version of the equipment that needs to be equipped for the palm oil extraction production line. If necessary, please read it patiently.


If your daily processing capacity is 500kg/hour, the engineers of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery recommend you to choose the simple palm oil pressing production line, the equipment required is very simple, such as: rotary drum threshing machine, single screw palm oil pressing Oil machine and plate and frame filter. If the budget is limited, a simple fruit threshing machine can be used to replace the drum threshing machine, or it is also possible to directly remove the fruit manually, which can reduce the investment cost.

Palm oil pressing equipment Simple palm oil pressing equipment

And if your processing capacity is 1-5 tons/hour, 10-120 tons/hour or even larger processing capacity, the engineers of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery recommend that you can choose the standard version of the palm oil pressing production line. The equipment that needs to be equipped is: Sterilization tank, threshing machine, mashing tank, palm oil press, clarification equipment (rotary vibrating screen, grit tank, plate and frame filter), vacuum drying system, etc. The standard version of palm oil pressing production line has "three highs", that is, high configuration, high degree of automation, and high work efficiency.