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Scraper conveyor

September 14, 2021

The scraper conveyor is generally used in palm oil processing and production projects. It is a conveying equipment used to receive and transport large palm fruit bunches to the sterilization section. The scraper conveyor is hauled by a scraper chain and is mainly composed of three parts: the head part, the middle part and the tail part. In addition, there are auxiliary parts such as hydraulic jack device for pushing conveyor and chain tightening device for chain tightening.

The head part of the scraper conveyor is composed of a head frame, a motor, a hydraulic coupler, a reducer and a sprocket. The middle part is composed of transition groove, middle groove, chain and scraper. The tail part is a device that can return the scraper chain.

 Scraper conveyor

1. Working principle of scraper conveyor

When the head drive part of the scraper conveyor is started, the sprocket on the head shaft of the drive motor rotates, so that the scraper chain circulates and drives the fruit bunch to move along the chute until it is unloaded at the tail part of the machine. In this process, the scraper chain bypasses the sprocket to form a closed loop track to achieve the purpose of continuous conveying of fruit bunches.

Scraper conveyor

2. Features of scraper conveyor

(1) The structure is solid and can withstand the impact, impact, smashing, pressing and other external forces of large materials like palm fruit bunches.

(2) The body is short, easy to install and operate.

(3) Reverse operation is possible, which is convenient for handling bottom chain accidents.

(4) The structure is simple, and the material can be fed or unloaded at any point along the conveying length.

As for the type of scraper conveyor to choose, it is determined by the customer's project design plan. Henan Zhongxing is one of the domestic manufacturers of palm oil production equipment, which has more than 20 years of experience. If you need to purchase palm oil production equipment, or need a design plan for a palm oil processing plant, please contact Henan Zhongxing. For other project supporting equipment, we will provide you with a preferential quotation in accordance with the engineer's design plan.