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What is the process of producing palm kernel oil

September 14, 2021

The palm kernel oil pressing process and the palm fruit oil pressing process are two different processes. The palm kernel oil pressing process includes: fiber and core separation section, core grading section, kernel shell separation section, crushing section, steaming and frying Work section, squeeze section and filter section. Next, the editor of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery will give you a detailed introduction to the "Palm Kernel Oil Pressing Process".

 palm kernel oil

1. The separation section of fiber and core:

At first, it was necessary to separate the fiber and the palm core through the fiber and nucleus separation equipment, which was convenient for the subsequent processing operations and also reduced the abrasion of the equipment. Among them, the fibrous material can be used as biomass as fuel, and the palm core will be transported to the nuclear grading equipment for processing.


2. Nuclear classification section:

The separated palm nuclei are transported to the nuclear grading equipment, and the nuclei are divided into large nuclei and small nuclei according to the quality of the nuclei. This is conducive to adequate processing of palm cores of different sizes when the kernel shells are separated.


3. Kernel and shell separation section:

Next, the palm cores of different sizes are transported to the kernel shell separation equipment, and the parameters of the kernel shell separator are adjusted to separate the shells of different sizes of palm cores from the palm kernels, which reduces the wear of the palm core shells on the equipment.


4. Crushing section:

Then the separated palm kernels are transported to a crusher for crushing, so that the granularity of the palm kernels becomes smaller and the contact area becomes larger, which is conducive to the transfer of temperature and moisture in the subsequent processes.


5. Steaming and frying section:

After that, the crushed palm kernels are transported to the steaming pan for high-temperature steaming and frying, and the temperature, moisture and humidity of the palm kernels are adjusted to reach a better state before pressing.


6. Press section:

Then the steamed palm kernel is transported to the palm kernel oil press, and the palm kernel is continuously squeezed by the snails in the palm kernel oil press to squeeze the oil in the palm kernel. After pressing, we can get palm kernel crude oil and pressed cake. Crude palm oil will be transported to the next process for processing. The palm kernel oil press is an easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain, and highly automated palm kernel oil press equipment specially designed by Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery according to the characteristics of palm kernels.


7. Filter section:

Finally, the crude palm oil is transported to a plate and frame filter for filtration, and a clearer palm kernel oil can be obtained. If your budget cost is high and the local market has requirements for the quality of palm kernel oil, you can process the filtered palm kernel oil through refining equipment, which will not only speed up the quality of palm kernel oil, but also speed up your profit.