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What is oil extraction by leaching method? What are the technological processes of leaching oil production? What is the working principle of leaching oil production?

September 14, 2021

The so-called leaching method for oil production is to apply the principle of chemical extraction, select a certain organic solvent (n-hexane) that can dissolve grease, spray and soak the oil with the solvent, so that the grease in the oil is dissolved in the solvent, and then extracted. This kind of oil production method has the advantages of high oil yield, low residual oil in the meal, low labor intensity, good working environment, and good meal quality. It is one of the more common oil production methods at present.

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Introduction of oil production process by leaching method:

The process of leaching oil production can be subdivided into three types, namely: direct leaching method, pre-pressing-leaching method and puffing-leaching method. Next, I will introduce to you their respective scope of application.


1) Direct leaching method: Use this method directly for oils with low oil content.


2) Pre-press-extraction method: an oil-making method in which the oil is squeezed first, and then the pressed cake is leached. This method is currently widely used at home and abroad.


3) Puffing-leaching method: an oil-making method in which the oil is firstly extruded and then leached. It is an oil-making method that emerged in the world in the 1990s. It has the advantages of low investment, good leaching effect, and short leaching time, and is the future development direction of the oil industry. At present, rice bran oil and soybean oil mostly use this method.


The working principle and process of leaching oil production:

The working principle of oil leaching-oil leaching method is also known as solid-liquid extraction method, which uses the properties of solvents to have different solubility for different substances, dissolving solid materials in the solvent to achieve the purpose of replacing the grease in the materials.

Grease leaching workflow-first send the pre-treated or expanded material into the extractor, spray and soak the expanded material with the selected solvent oil (n-hexane), so that the grease is dissolved in the solvent. Mix the oil, and then separate the mixed oil from the meal. The mixed oil is evaporated and stripped according to the different boiling points of the solvent, so that the solvent is vaporized and separated from the grease, thereby obtaining the grease. The solvent vapor is condensed, cooled and recovered before being used again. The meal contains the required amount of solvent, and the dried meal is obtained after desolventizing and drying. The volatilized solvent vapor during the desolventizing and drying process is condensed, cooled and then recycled and reused.