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Brief introduction to the preparation technology of pomegranate seed oil pressing equipment

August 30, 2021

1. Can pomegranate seeds squeeze oil?

Yes, pomegranate seed oil is a plant-derived polyunsaturated conjugated fatty acid, its main component is punicic acid, and the content can reach 70-80%. Punicic acid is called "super conjugated linoleic acid" because its structure is closest to conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and its functionality exceeds that of conjugated linoleic acid in the general sense. Pomegranate seed oil is also rich in antioxidant factors and has a strong ability to remove free radicals and delay aging.


pomegranate seeds


2. How to squeeze the oil from pomegranate seeds?

The processing of pomegranate seed oil is the same as some common edible oils. It can be processed in three ways: oil press pressing, leaching or supercritical extraction. Among them, the oil press manufacturer Henan Zhongxing Machinery recommends the cold pressing method to extract pomegranate seeds. The oil is directly separated from the raw materials by physical pressure without steaming and frying at high temperature. There are no chemical additives in the whole process, which guarantees product safety, hygiene, pollution-free, and natural nutrition is not damaged. Ensure the complete retention of various vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fatty acids. The equipment cost is low, and the quality of pomegranate seed oil is better.


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3. Brief introduction to the preparation process of pomegranate seed cold pressing oil pressing equipment

(1) Raw material selection: choose pomegranate seeds with high quality, fullness, full maturity and high oil content.

(2) Dehulling pomegranate seeds: dehulling and separating the shells and kernels. The seeds are crushed by a crusher, and the shells are screened to separate the shells and kernels, which can increase the oil yield, shorten the pressing time, and avoid the loss of nutrients.

(3) Impurity removal of pomegranate seeds: through winnowing, lighter impurities are removed, sieving, stones, fine sand and other impurities are removed. Larger impurities and mildew particles can be removed manually.

(4) Oil press pressing: The oil pressing equipment selects the spiral cold pressing oil press. The nuts are crushed and do not need to be heated. They are evenly sent to the cold press. The temperature of the press chamber is low when the press is started. It can be slowly screwed to adjust the handle on the stud to increase the thickness of the cake and increase the water content of the pressed material. After the press chamber temperature rises to about 70 degrees and the oil press runs normally, the thickness of the cake can be adjusted to 1.5-2.5mm, and the fastening nut can be tightened. The oil can be squeezed out by squeezing it repeatedly for 2-3 times. During this period, the oily residue with more oil can be evenly mixed into the embryo for squeezing, and the blanking should be kept evenly.


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The above is a brief introduction to the preparation process of pomegranate seed oil pressing equipment. Of course, if you want to obtain higher quality pomegranate seed oil, you must use pomegranate seed refining equipment to further remove impurities in pomegranate seed oil.