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Corn germ pretreatment equipment

August 27, 2021

In the corn oil production process, in order to make the corn germ reach a good state before being pressed and increase the efficiency of corn oil production, it is usually necessary to pretreat the corn germ. The pretreatment process generally includes cleaning, softening, rolling and steaming.


corn oil


Cleaning is an important section of pretreatment. The equipment used includes magnetic separator, vibrating screen and specific gravity stone removing machine. The magnetic separator removes the metal impurities in the corn germ, and the vibrating screen separates the impurities that are different in size from the corn germ, and the impurities that are similar in size to the corn germ are removed by a specific gravity stone removal machine. After cleaning, the impurities in the corn germ are removed.

Softening is an important step for corn germ pretreatment. If the corn germ is rolled without softening, there will be two situations: the corn germ will be too dry and not forming, or too wet and sticky. Both of these conditions are not conducive to the production of corn oil. The softening pot can adjust the internal state of the corn germ to make it meet the conditions of rolling the embryo.


Corn germ


The rolling embryo presses the corn germ into thin slices, destroys the cell tissue of the corn germ, and increases the surface area of the oil, which is beneficial to the extraction of corn oil and also helps to improve the steaming effect. Commonly used billet rolling equipment includes in-line billet rolling mills and counter-row billet rolling mills. Zhongxing's engineers will equip you with suitable rolling equipment according to your oil characteristics.

Next, the steaming and frying section will be carried out. After steaming and frying, the internal structure of the corn germ is changed, the temperature and moisture are adjusted to a good state, the corn oil can be fully prepared and taken out, and the quality of the corn oil will also be improved.

After pretreatment, you can choose the pressing method or the leaching method to produce corn oil. Henan Zhongxing will design the production process for you according to your output and your needs. At the same time, as a manufacturer of edible oil production equipment, we will provide you with cost-effective production equipment. You are welcome to consult.