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Rice bran pretreatment equipment

August 27, 2021

Rice bran is a by-product of rice processing, and its oil content is usually 10-23%. It is a raw material for oil production. Fresh rice bran will become rancid within 2-3 days and cannot be used to make rice bran oil. Therefore, the rice bran obtained from the rice mill must be pre-treated, dried and stored after puffing to control the acid value and not increase rapidly. In this way, the rice bran can be stored for about a week and the loss of fat can be avoided.


Rice bran


The pretreatment of rice bran is divided into four steps: separation, preparation, puffing, drying, and then storage. The pretreatment equipment used includes the bran and rice separation screen, the modulation pot, the puffing machine and the plate dryer.

1. Separation of chaff

The bran separation is the use of a bran separation sieve to remove impurities in the rice bran, which can improve the purity of the rice bran, facilitate the extraction of rice bran oil, and avoid the wear and tear of the subsequent equipment. The separated rice cakes can also be sold on the market to increase economic benefits.


Rice bran


2. Modulation

The process of adjusting the temperature and moisture of the rice bran with the brewing pot is called brewing. After the preparation, the temperature and moisture of the rice bran have reached the good state before puffing, which is beneficial to improve the puffing effect, thereby increasing the oil yield of the rice bran.

3. Puffing

The rice bran will become porous puffed material after being processed by the extruder. After puffing, the cell tissue of the rice bran is destroyed, and the interior has more porosity. The permeability of the solvent to the rice bran is greatly changed during leaching, and the leaching efficiency is improved.

4. Dry

Drying is to use a plate dryer to dry the processed rice bran. After drying, the rice bran is more conducive to storage, and the temperature and moisture reach a good state suitable for leaching.


Plate dryer


The oil content of rice bran is relatively low. Considering the price of rice bran oil, machine and factory costs, if the output is less than 20 tons/day, it is not economical for rice bran oil manufacturers. If your rice bran source is stable, you can contact Henan Zhongxing, our engineers can equip the corresponding rice bran oil processing equipment according to your needs. In order to make reasonable use of rice bran and obtain high-quality rice bran oil, please contact us as soon as possible.